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Hello Kitty Tinker Bell Tattoo

I just became a huge fan of Tinker Bell:

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Hello Kitty Unspeakable Horror

The title says it all…wait for it…

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Hello Kitty Belly Washers

In her never ending quest to turn the stomach of all sane people while promising rainbows out the back end for her devote followers, Hello Kitty believes that her diabetes inducing soda (Hello Kitty Belly Washers) will somehow wash away all the bad of those who drink it. Far more likely is that it ends up coming right back up the end it originally went down since that is the most common reflex the evil feline warrants in most of … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Duct Tape Dress

It didn’t take long for things to get a whole lot worse. After the Hello Kitty duct tape spawned the Hello Kitty duct tape purse, you would think that those of us living in Hello Kitty Hell would get a few days of respite to heal our eyes (and minds) from the hideousness. That, of course, is not how the evil feline rolls. Thus some Hello Kitty fanatic decided against all common sense (and human decency) that a Hello Kitty … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Duct Tape Purse

It seemed pretty obvious the second that Hello Kitty duct tape appeared that it was going to spawn some stomach-churning awful ideas. This reality didn’t take long to come to fruition with the Hello Kitty duct tape purse:

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Hello Kitty Tights

Obviously, there are far too many Hello Kitty fanatic moms out there with have the sole purpose in their life being to permanently scar their child. There is no other explanation for something like Hello Kitty knitted tights to exist:

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