Hello Kitty Unspeakable Horror

The title says it all…wait for it…

Cthulhu does have a point :)

Sent in by Katie

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8 Responses to Hello Kitty Unspeakable Horror

  1. Sprinkle919 says:


  2. lady says:

    You see there are monsters like cthulhu, dracula, frankenstein, etc. and of at the end of the row Hello Kitty.
    It teryfying as much as those monsters above

  3. Acton says:

    Hello Cthulhu
    Unspeakable horror my …. may you and Cthulhu be locked into Hello Kitty room.

  4. kitteh!! says:

    Just when did Great Cthulhu become ripped?

    May a plague of Deep Ones descend upon you for this!

    Kitteh (who has clearly read one too many HP Lovecraft stories)

  5. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:


  6. Liz says:

    A certain animator reads this blog…

  7. hks bst fan says:

    I cnt say anything because I haven’t seen the freakin video! How the hell do you watch it

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