Hello Kitty Halloween Obento

It’s bad enough that Hello Kitty puts herself all over typical Halloween themes like Hello Kitty pumpkins and Hello Kitty costumes. It’s a stretch when the evil feline starts appearing on Halloween cupcakes and Halloween cookies. You know that there’s absolutely no boundaries when she shows up on a Halloween car, Halloween finger nails and in a Hello Kitty Halloween obento:

Hello Kitty Halloween black cat obento

Can I just say once again that I can’t wait for this holiday to be over…

Sent in by milli (via akinoichigo)

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7 Responses to Hello Kitty Halloween Obento

  1. emily says:

    Very nice detail….I’d eat it ;)

  2. mirrowalk says:

    Why is HK, a white cat, dressed as a black cat?

  3. kitteh!! says:

    In the words of Great Cthulhu, “unspeakable horror”!

  4. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    I love it and would be very happy if this was available in my area! What a fun presentation!

  5. Liz says:

    All the princess costumes were sold out?

  6. Lauren says:

    Hello Kitty’s not going to be happy until she has an excuse to Kittify the Thanksgiving turkey in the US. (Chances are, she already has.) Dude, with all due respect, if this is what your lunches look like, I’m going to have to keep the hello kitty death pistols locked up….

  7. sportschick86 says:

    ooo yay you can consume it and hello kitty will be inside youuuu

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