Duct Tape Bra

I knew that things weren’t going to be good as soon as Hello Kitty duct tape came to existence. This was quickly confirmed with the Hello Kitty duct tape purse and then there was absolutely no doubt with the Hello Kitty duct tape dress. Of course, fanatics of the evil feline couldn’t leave bad enough alone and decided that a Hello Kitty duct tape bra was in order:

Hello Kitty duct tape bra

The sad (and extremely terrifying) part of all this is that you know it won’t end here and that the people at Sanrio are probably already at the drawing board thinking up a complete Hello Kitty duct tape fashion line. Somehow I have a feeling that 2012 isn’t going to provide much of an escape from Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Miss Meow Detroit

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14 Responses to Duct Tape Bra

  1. LisaY says:

    Heavens, that must be uncomfortable! And to be wearing that getup in public? I’m glad there seems to be alcohol involved.

  2. Kennedy rICELAND says:


  3. Mimi says:

    It could have been worse, she could have been wearing the HK bow as a Gstring ^^

  4. candyfiend says:

    Fuct tape…

  5. Gail says:

    It looks very supportive!

  6. Acton says:

    Cheap form of heavy duty support

  7. Liz says:

    I can’t help but shudder to think how she sized that, if only because duct tape doesn’t work with skin very well.

  8. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    It’s not the first time I’ve heard of a woman using duct tape to either make a bra or something similar to create extra curves or support when wearing a revealing top or dress.

  9. kitteh!! says:

    If anyone else has bothered to look, they’ll have noticed that this is HK Duct Tape appled over the cups and back band of an existing bright red bra!

  10. Emmie says:

    There is only one use for hello kitty duct tape.
    It’s for putting over the mouths of hello kitty fans so they’ll shut up about hello kitty. xD

    And, because it is their beloved kitty, they wont rip it off, cause they may harm their precious, evil, feline…right?
    -Sadistic smirk, ripping off a peice of duct tape-
    Now..who’s first!?

  11. kittylover says:

    omg cute kitty!!!

  12. sportschick86 says:

    I think i see hello kitty tattoos in those stars on her um hips

  13. beau says:

    i think she just put duct tape on a real bra no way she made an actual bra out of duct tape…. strippers arent smart :/

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