There are plenty of hints that you are headed for a life of Hello Kitty Hell from which there will be absolutely no escape. At the top of the list is if you’re ever asked to wear these or these. That is quickly followed by basically anything that is evil feline related which also has to do with the bedroom. Your girlfriend suggesting that a custom-made Hello Kitty headboard would be a good idea is a perfect example:

hello kitty headboard

While a headboard may at first seem innocent compared to other bedroom related items out there, that completely misses the point. It’s the first toe through the door and once it has been established, there is no way to stem any other bedroom additions. The headboard will need to become a Hello Kitty bed. Then before you know it, somehow the hello Kitty latex bed has been suggested. Before you can adjust to that horror, you find that you are now living in a Hello kitty bondage room. What you don’t realize at this point is that this will only be the very beginning of your life of Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Priscila

Update: Not exactly a headboard, but just as bad…

hello kitty wall

Sent in by Kirsten

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5 Responses to Headboard

  1. Gail says:

    No, This I like.

  2. kitteh!! says:

    I’m not sure what the covering “fabric” is (it looks like vinyl or pleather?), but this sort of deep-buttoned item is actually quite easy to make if you know how. I have way too much respect for Mr HKH to discuss the method in detail though.

  3. Marozia says:

    Stuff nightmares are made of.

  4. Michelle O'Kitty says:

    I love this bed! I must have one!!!!!

  5. Gooey says:

    Does not have bow: not enough Hello Kitty

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