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  1. Hello. Even though I am a huge hello kitty fan and my fiance hates it! I want to say though that I love the website and I am so sorry for you to have to deal with one of me’s (your wife) HK fan! Just wanted to say that and why do people get so damn mad with you if you dont tell them where to find things? http://www.google.com work well with searching for everything you note on your website!

  2. Heck! I would be laughing at your blog coz’ its first class humor. But for HK, shes working sanrio employees like Ki to death you know forcing em’ to make more HK to conquer the world!

    Let this blog go on…:)

  3. I have loved Hello Kitty since I was a little girl. I was born in Japan and I’m japanese. But, I got to say, your site is hilarious!! My husband feels just like you. He hates it, but since he loves me, he puts up with it. I think I will send him here!!

  4. i just came upon your site and was floored when i saw all those HK dolls that ur wife donated and u said it didn’t make a dent? Seriously is this a real site? I can’t believe that your wife owns that much stuff and that you even have room in your home for everything? That’s amazing..i have to give u major props…

  5. Those of us who are devoted to “the one true Kitty” are also shocked by over zealousness. The endless collection of Kitty items limits the amount of time one can spend following in Kitty’s paw prints; acting as ambassadors of friendship around the world. Unless, of course, the items have been collected while making new friends.

  6. My wife reads your blog after I told her about it and she loves it too and she is a Hello Kitty Lover. My wife also says that are stationed over here. Just trying to figure out where are you at.

  7. i love hello kitty but i find this blog funny :)

    my bf feels the same way about hello kitty as u haha ill have to show him the site

    your wife sounds kool

    xo keep up the amusing blogs

  8. I love this website! I’m a pretty big Hello Kitty fan, but the stuff you find it absolutely hilarious! Makes me laugh/feel slightly afraid.

    My boyfriend, mother and friends all tend to buy me HK gifts when the “times of giving” roll around, but I think if I ever got any of the stuff you’ve posted on here I’d be a bit worried for their sanity. Better keep them away from this site incase it gives them ideas!
    (But they know I’d love it really…)

    Great site, really fun. Keep up the good work and don’t let the kitty get you down too much!

  9. I have to say – I do own a few Hello Kitty items….but your blog is just GREAT! Your humoristic banter reflects terrifically as you convey your message of disapproval and admiration for such idiosyncrasies simultaneously. Love it! Will definitely become your number one fan as you keep me laughing throughout the mundane days of my “professional” life.

    Best of luck!

  10. I am a 41 yo straight male, married, with one girl, 2 cars (the kind men would like to drive), and a motorcycle. I prefer my hard liquor straight – not wine; smoke cigars – not filter cigaretts. I have both a hairy back and a$$. Except I melt for Hello Kitty.

    I cannot deny the cuteness. I do not resist any longer and life is good under guidance and protection of my mistress Hello Kitty. Each time I travel to the Far East, I load up on Hello Kitty idols because Hello Kitty there is more pure than Hello Kitty stateside. My daughter would like other things but I insist on Hello Kitty, for it is She that will protect us during the Final Days when Kuromi tricks most of mankind.

    One day I wish a pilgrimage to the Great Temple where servants make Hello Kitty. I will use the clue “Made in China” to find it and will travel in her sacred chariot: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:EVA_hellokitty1.JPG

    Please, . . . HKH, joy and happiness awaits for you to join your wife and accept Hello Kitty mantra. I pray for you, and pray she will dump that man-wh0re Daniel for me. (I could settle for Mimi, her sister.)

  11. funniest website ever….love the humor from ur personal experiences and what other people say…not to mention hk disasters…..nightmares.

  12. I love this blog – I stumbled across it a year ago when looking for something else, spent hours looking through everything – laughing myself sick. Found it again this morning and am going to bookmark it!
    I live in Japan…and my (5 year old) daughter LOOOOVES Hello Kitty – though thankfully not overwhelmingly.
    We have a Sanrio shop on our shopping street, and the song of the Hello Kitty popcorn machine out the front could easily send me insane. Hello Kitty popcorn is a VERY occasional treat for our little girl!

  13. id like to share a hello kitty story. now im rather indifferent about miss kitty. i admit as a child i liked her and her cronies and now my fave is badtz marou, that little penquin with an attitude. but in all i can see and apprecaite the ire thats has risen up around her. the thought of her heading for global domination doesnt seem like such a far fetched idea. any way i had purchased a phone charm that was this black gothic looking dangle that had a tiny little goth loli hello kitty miniature. more so for the uther part of the dangle than for the miniature but since she was in black and very small it didnt offend much. some time later i attended san diego comic con. and during the festivities i lost my phone. needless to say i freaked the hell out! and i went to the lost and found booth quite a few times to see if any one turned it in. i called my number on a friends phone and thank fully one of the staff answerd and said theyll turn it in right away to the lost and found desk. i high tailed it over there and asked if any one turned in a silver cell phone. ” no, no body turned in a phone at all.” i replied are you sure? it has a little black hello kitty charm..” before i could finish she said “oh yeah now i remember becouse i was looking at that charm.”
    so as irksome as it is hello kitty was helpful in getting my phone back. of course it wasnt some time later that i thought to my self, “wait a minute bitch! you just said no one turned in a phone. and you just had it in your hand not two minutes before i got there?” this year im covering the damn thing in multi colored crystals with a huge skull sticker on one side and a hello kitty sticker on the other flipping the finger. if i lose my phone again there SHE’LL DAMN WELL REMEMBER if some one turned in a phone!

  14. I hate hello kitty! Seriously, this site makes me puke. With that mouthless cat around in this site, I shall really have bad dreams. If u hate hello kitty so much, why post all things regarding about it? it does not make sense to me.

    In case u’re wondering, i did not visit this site intentionally. My horrific sister who is also mad about hello kitty forced me to comment.

  15. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! you poor bastard! what you must have to put up with. i am a Kitty lover myself, but would never subject someone i supposedly loved to such torture. you have gained a new fan – your posts are hilarious, even for someone who loves Kitty like i do.

    May the force of something besides Hello Kitty be with you.

  16. to the owner of this page: where can I find your wife’s “shop”? and are you Americans living in japan? and how and why? I wish there was a guestbook for this, but hopefully someone will dig up my comment and answer….

    does HKH have a facebook or something???

  17. Just wanted to say how much I love your site…. I think my husband and I are living parallel lives with you and your wife over here in Australia. We have the worst Hello Kitty range here, you cant find HK anywhere (maybe you should consider moving down under!). I even pay to have a U.S. postal address so that I can have Hello Kitty items, that wont ship to Oz shipped to my U.S address and then forwarded on to me….We also take regular trips to the States so I can get my Sanrio store fix… Keep up the good work and remember where you may end up when you die!!!!!!! P.S I am having a Hello Kitty tattoo done tomorrow, will be finished mid-May. Of course I will send pics….

  18. I got nudged in this direction by a friend who sent me a link to your message to Hello Kitty whiners.
    I read that and lol’d.
    Then I explored some more of the website, and nothing else that I could ever witness for the rest of my life could scar me as much as this website does.
    These fanatics are brainwashed.
    Peace out.

  19. I love Hello Kitty but let’s say that I am not crazy as your wife about it. Even though: Your page is just hilarious! Keep going! Regards, Lucia

  20. i’m a hello kitty fan, and find your tearing into hello kitty hilarious… i mean, seriously, it’s a friggin’ cartoon, how can anyone be offended about someone hating it and making fun of it… reading the posts of the ‘whiner’s is so sad, those people really need to get a life… i mean, if someone likes hello kitty, you’d think they’d love your site simply because it has more hello kitty stuff than anywhere else… and making fun of it is, well, fun! keep up the good work! but add some more edge to it, i think you’re being a little too nice, er, or, not ‘mean’ enough… lol

  21. Gente…é demais isso!!!!!!!!!
    Tudo lindo, adorei!!!!

  22. my friend just sent me the link to your blog and i must say, what a discovery! like many others reading, i’m actually a bit of a hello kitty fan – but your posts are hilarious. nice work!

  23. A mate of mine showed me your blog. After reading the FAQ section, it gives a clearer picture of your attitude toward Hello Kitty merchandise. That you are just truly venting. I do have one question though, and it mostly to the Hello Kitty addicts that respond to your blog. You do realize that Hello Kitty is not an actual person right? There is no way to “love her” or “adore her”, “she” isn’t your best friend. You know that Hello Kitty is a fictional character don’t you? It’s just a logo, like the Nike swoosh symbol. It was invented in 70’s by a company in order to sell more products. I hate to burst your bubble, but some of the comments responding to this blog makes me question the mental sanity of those commenting.

  24. You must really love your wife!

    I do love this blog it is very amusing and it’s comforting to know that my minor appreciation of HK is no where near this scary. (although I’d love the rifle – is that wrong?)

    Keep it up, It’s entertaining. (not your pain but errr–… Oh! You get what I mean!)

  25. Why… if you hate Hello Kitty SO MUCH. Are you still with your wife? Do you still run this blog? Obviously you’re exaggerating your despise of little miss kitty. I bet deep inside you love the little critter… it’s okay, because so do I ^-^ Hello Kitty is soooo cute! >w<

  26. Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary! BEWARE. MUAHAHA. Anywho, Nothing special on their website as of yet. But I’m checking daily =P. I love your Blog dudddddeeee! /high five!. It makes me feel good that I’m not the only one with compulsive buying problem. Nice alternative therapy group. LOL. Too bad the Hello kitty cult is just getting stronger with every generation. Yup, check out my myspace. That’s my daughter with her favorite doll, got it for free with $100 purchase at sanrio.com during Easter. /Pats your head and gives you a Hello Kitty Lollipop. Suck it up!

  27. Hey HK-Fans,

    sorry for my bad english but I will do my best!

    I love Hello Kitty over 15 years and my family how my friends dont understand my love to the sweetest Kitty in the Comicworld… I am 20 years now^^

    The HP is very great and have many funny things to show. What I need more?!

    In August, I wanna HK Tattoo. That is a dream I must do.


    LG Ina

  28. hello~

    i’m enjoying your blog. and i kinda thought that you just like my fiance. he had a little terrible situations when i’d got too excited with some stuffs.. i love hello kitty too.. but just fan.. not obviously to be fanatic.
    Say hi to your wife, hehe? ^_^

  29. Hi, I’ve just visited your blog for the first time and although I think it’s interesting, I don’t think I’ll be back. I didn’t realize the Hello Kitty crap/merchandise had gone so far, and I can’t bear to read more about it because I can’t see the funny side of it.

    Frankly I’m angered that grown adults can be so out of control and so easily manipulated by a bloated and soulless merchandising empire like this. If we’re going to save the Earth and humanity, we’ve got to grow up and stop consuming unnecessary plastic crap at ridiculously marked up prices.

    I feel so very bad for you, but I’m glad to see you’ve found a creative outlet for your frustration. You must love your wife very much, she is lucky to have you.

  30. i loveeee this website !
    even though you don’t like hello kitty,
    i still think it’s funny reading the things you write.
    i love hello kitty and my boyfriend doesn’t hate her as much as you do lol.
    one time he tried to have a staring contest with her, but umm you can’t win that.
    but anyways thanks for the website/blog because the posts are so funny and i get to see all the cool hello kitty stuff !!!!!!!!!!!
    but i agree with the other fanatics, it is mean that you won’t tell us where to buy the stuff but i understand i guess, you can’t endorse something you hate.

  31. Dear Mister Hello Kitty Hater Person,
    I think your website is lovely =]
    && Even though I am completely devoted
    to Kitty, I can understand where you’re coming
    Have a Cute Day=]

  32. I’m 45 and have dug HK for over 10 years. I have no idea why but my first crush was Speed Racer’s girlfriend Trixie…..

  33. Sometimes I joke with my friends saying that when I have a house of my own I will have a room full of HK stuff. (Yes yes yes, ewww right..I know). But but but but… they are so cute! Some are just weird and absurd.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about HK products. It’s entertaining and informative.
    p.s. you’re such a brave man! Kudos to you. :-)

  34. Haha wow, this site is funny. I love hello kitty but I agree with the ridiculous merchandise. And I got a giggle from seeing the hello kitty tattoo blog, because I just got a tattoo of a hellokitty bow on my wrist. But all in all, this site is great. Keep it up:)

  35. i just came across this site while searching for HK checks. loved the blog about the credit card! i had gotten one from BOA and was overjoyed, to the point of ridiculousness! showed everyone and was so proud when pulling it out of my wallet to make a purchase…ah but a las the boyfriend just thought i was crazy.

    this a great site, i’m def a fan ^_^

  36. came across you lookin at random hk stuff. im 21 and my room is the decor of a 5 yr olds, decked out in hello kitty. ive even got a tattoo! i def will continue to check out this page and read your witty comments and win kitty stuff!! hello kitty hell was an amazing idea!

  37. About page fail. Why have an about page if you won’t throw the reader a bone and have, say, ONE sentence at least about what your damn site is about?

  38. What is the definition of hello kitty? What is the history of Hello Kitty??? When did it started?? What background does it have???

  39. i luv hello kitty so so so so so so so so so so so much i wish that i could marry her …….. this is so tit i want to thank who ever came up with this web site

  40. wow i just found this blog and i have too say i just absolutely love it. my sis i a fanatic of all things HK. rest a shored that not all girls have lost their minds to HK . who and the heck sits around and thinks this stuff up they need to get a real job. lol

  41. I’ve been reading your blog for a little while and I’m relieved to know there are actually people out there who don’t like Hello Kitty.

    Well, I love cat and they are very adorable. But it’s just wrong to classify HK as a cat! Just want to say I can understand how you feel, even though I’m only living in a HK pothole…

    Keep your sanity in the HK hell.

  42. I am a huge HK fan myself i have alot of different HK stuff on just about everything i own including 2 HK tattoos but i love your blog and some people i know can definitely agree with you about it being ridiculous. Keep up the awesome posts. when i have nothing to do i get on here to see whats new, a good majority of gift ideas come from here. i love it.

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