Hello Kitty An Pan

While I’m sure that my wife appreciates the emails I receive with all the Hello Kitty stuff you think we should know about (believe me, it is only on rare occasion that something comes that we haven’t seen before), she really doesn’t need any more encouragement. This is especially true in areas where I’m trying to distract her from Hello Kitty.

I already realize that there is more than enough Hello Kitty food that exists that we could likely live on only Hello Kitty food. Just because something can be done doesn’t mean that it is a good thing to do. The goal here is to help relieve my Hello Kitty Hell, not watch it swirl deeper and deeper into an inescapable abyss. When readers like happykitty send me photos of Hello Kitty An Pan (“an” is a sickly sweet black bean paste often used in Japanese deserts, and while it seems apply appropriate as something that should fill the inside of a Hello Kitty item like bread (“pan”), it’s not something that any human should eat when wrapped around a Hello Kitty face) that my wife may really try to serve only Hello Kitty food.

Hello Kitty an pan

While I imagine that many of you enjoy my torture (hey, after reading this, could your life really be all that bad?), you must weigh that torture with the knowledge that if I die from sugar poisoning (the only outcome for anyone that lives on a Hello Kitty food diet) is that this blog will cease to be updated.

Why don’t they make Hello Kitty food that would actually be worthwhile eating and drinking like Hello Kitty pizza and Hello Kitty beer?

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10 Responses to Hello Kitty An Pan

  1. Monique says:

    Wow i feel sorry for you. two of my friends are obsessed with hello kitty and i thought they were bad but your wife geez hello kitty has gone to far in my opinion well just know you have my sympathy i couldn’t think of anything worse then living in a house covered in hello kitty.

  2. yhw says:

    This is a hilarious blog. It sound like the blogger is just ASKING someone to e-mail him pics of Hello Kitty pizza or Hello Kitty beer though.

  3. ellen says:

    you’re right about hello kitty foods being too sugary.

  4. joan h says:

    hahahha… these are really cute. i love hello kitty but not as much as your wife!

    there was this hello kitty bakery/dessert shop in taipei that had the cutest desserts but it shut down a few months ago sadly. :( otherwise, it would be a fun place to check out… unfortunately, they were really cute but tasted so-so


    can’t wait to see more hello kitty stuff!

  5. Trish says:

    But can’t you take joy in biting Kitty in half and having her “brains” squoosh out?

  6. Lonschki says:

    Hello kitty is so nice, do you know the Hello Kitty Air line in Japan your wife schould fly with it!!:)

  7. Mari says:

    no eating Hello Kitty

  8. b says:

    it looks tasty a least

  9. Kaitlyn says:

    Four words. Hello Kitty Pepperoni Slices. My friend had a Hello Kitty birthday party last year and used a cookie cutter to cut it.

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