Hello Kitty Apple TV

Once you have been living in Hello Kitty Hell for an extended period of time, the “sick factor” comes into play. This is a simple rule that applies to all things Hello Kitty when one lives in a Hello Kitty Hell. The sick factor rule states that the more nauseating a Hello Kitty item is to you, the more the Hello Kitty fanatic will like it.

One of the few items that my wife does not currently have is a Hello Kitty TV and so it was with much fear that I opened up an email from ojuang that lead to a Hello Kitty TV set. It only took a quick peek to know that this was going to be on the high end of my sick factor scale which immediately meant my wife would love it.

Hello Kitty Apple TV set

Of course, the sick factor rule prevailed once again to hit my wife’s reaction with a bulls eye. Among all the fawning over the Apple TV, there was even the mention of “one in every room” which immediately stopped my heart. My hope is that locating one of these will be difficult and the damage will stop at one — yes, even with all the contradictory evidence piled upon me each day in Hello Kitty Hell, I do still hope for the impossible…

Thanks (I think) to ojuang via akihabaranews

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13 Responses to Hello Kitty Apple TV

  1. Rvaya says:

    How in the world do you guys afford this? o_0
    My ex-husband was a game addict to the point your wife is for hello kitty and was driving us into the ground buying up every rare game he could find.

  2. My wife runs her own Hello Kitty business and thus pays for everything that way (and why we often have multiples of everything:


  3. Shivani says:

    hi, i LOVE that hello kitty apple tv…where can i find that??

  4. hi, i LOVE that hello kitty apple tv…where can i find that??

    Why on earth would I help someone else become like my wife?

  5. Que says:

    I love it!

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  7. Loob says:

    Heheh I saw one of those at Myers!
    For any Aussies that are reading. :)

  8. gee says:

    Tell your wife to save a couple hundred and get this instead. She can just slap a sticker of Hello Kitty on this. I’m sure she’s got tons of stickers.

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  10. Emily says:

    I like the regular Green Apple tv. It’s more classy..this one is just plain tacky.

  11. Niyari says:

    well when the things open at least you don’t have to see her creepy face…..until your wife decides to ONLY watch the show on that TV then your screwed once again

  12. yeli says:

    i hate to say this…but err i like this…^^

  13. KittyDevil13 says:

    I MUST HAS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST GO FIND MONEY!!!!!!!!!

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