Hello Kitty Tooth Cap

There have been a number of readers who have sent me photos of the Hello Kitty tooth cap, and while it certainly is strange, this is one of the few Hello Kitty items that really doesn’t put fear into my heart. The reason being that I would never have to see it. I mean, really, how many times do you look into the depths of someone’s mouth to check out their dental work? If my wife decides that she needs to have a Hello Kitty crown placed on one of her molars, I don’t think it would add to my Hello Kitty Hell.

Hello Kitty Tooth

That being said, I do have a great fear with Hello Kitty and teeth and I’m not sure that I should even mention it as it would likely give someone the idea (because there is undoubtedly some Hello Kitty fanatic that would do it) to actually do it and then inspire my wife. I’m just waiting for some rap star to sport a Hello Kitty grill. I can see someone with Hello Kitty in diamonds implanted into their front teeth and as soon as that happens, I know I will be in big trouble…

Thanks (I think) to rgpalacio, dtstan, hklove, Mackenzie and probably a few others I missed (apologies)

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23 Responses to Hello Kitty Tooth Cap

  1. IS says:

    eww! thats gross!!
    will ur wife be getting one of these in the future?

  2. AC says:

    Your wife could chew gum and press down on it where the cap is and make cute Hello Kitty designs! How cute! :)

  3. YTSL says:

    For some reason, I got to thinking that a good/scary companion item for the Hello Kitty Tooth Cap would be…the Hello Kitty tongue stud! ;b

  4. Que says:

    I wouldn’t go that far…

  5. Venc says:

    Holy crud man, a hello kitty tooth cap, unbelievable! thank for the info.

  6. random kt freak says:

    that hello kt freak prolly didnt wanna scrub kitty’s face w/ the toothbrush so often or sumthin…. those are sum really bad teeth

  7. hellokittyloveR says:

    haha, i think that`s so cute(: why not have a hello kitty tooth cap? and it`s not like it`s a really big deal, but of course i`m only thirteen and everyone my age would think that`s cool.

  8. Angel H. says:

    I am so glad that grillz haven’t caught on overseas. Can you imagine “Hello Kitty” grillz?

  9. Nell says:

    This kitty is photoshopped. It’s very evident if you open it in Photoshop and look at each of the separate channels (red, green, blue).

  10. .::karma::. says:

    eww who’s teeth are they? theyve been eating to much sugar! it almost made me puke!!!!

  11. Faye says:

    …That is really weird

  12. Jodie says:

    Yahh. ‘Tis photoshopped ;|

  13. Amara says:

    Horrifying thought! If your wife did get one of these caps then every time you two played tonsil tennis, it would be like kissing Hello Kitty too! Eww…just…eww.

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  15. brit says:

    i wonder what darlene will have to say about thiis one.

  16. !!Ashley!!Monster!! says:

    i could see jeffree star getting a Hello Kitty grill. lol

  17. corayourface says:


  18. Nicole says:

    This one’s really gonna stymie archaeologists in years to come.

    “This is the skeleton of an adult female, who probably ate mostly pop tarts, you can tell from the lack of tooth wear and advanced decay, and who… holy hells, what is that thing? It’s staring at me!

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  20. ohai. says:

    you know how they have a phobia for just about everything? well you see… i’ve looked at this site multiple times, and i’ve read numerous articles from you, and i’ve come to the agreement with myself that there has to be a scientific phobia term for hello kitty fearers. i LOVE hk. she is the best, i agree with your wife. although i must agree that this site is fairly amusing, it also gives me a look into oodles of hk items that i’ve never even dreamed of, which gives me the incentive to search rapidly for them & add them to my own growing collection. :) so, in a strange way, thank you!

  21. Gail says:

    Now your tooth decay can look like Hello Kitty! Yay!

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