Hello Kitty Barf Bag

It is an extremely rare occasion when I’m sent a Hello Kitty photo that actually is appropriate to my plight:

Man, I feel for your situation. I just wanted to let you know you aren’t alone. While my girlfriend’s obsession isn’t on the same level as your wife’s, it’s enough to let me know the torture that Hello Kitty brings. So I thought you might like this.

Hello Kitty barf bag

Now if I have to have something with Hello Kitty on it, I can’t think of anything more appropriate to represent Hello Kitty Hell than a Hello Kitty barf bag. If my wife does decide to torture me with a consistent menu of Hello Kitty food in the future, when I get sick I can simply say I am filling up the bag with Hello Kitty and the thought of doing something like that brings a smile to my face…

Thanks to Brian who definitely deserves to never have to eat any Hello Kitty food from his girlfriend…

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15 Responses to Hello Kitty Barf Bag

  1. brien says:

    Well, keep in mind that she wouldn’t be able to throw away a used Hello Kitty barf bag – “because it’s so cute!”

  2. Mrs Muffle says:

    Be careful. If you’re sick, your wife is going to give you THIS : http://www.spectraintl.com/images/KT4100_hr.jpg

  3. Anastasia says:

    Oh dear, I definitely feel your pain.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Would she let you use the bag, though?

  5. Siouxie says:

    First, I want one…Second, No I would not let you throw up inside of one…and Third, Hello Kitty is truly “your” life…

    That’s so cute!

  6. Hello Kitty Sarah says:

    What I have wondered is if you HATE Hello Kitty, why did you make a website about her? Even if it is negative, it is still HK. ;)

  7. Mrs Muffle says:

    We always say that for fighting Evil, we have to talk about it so as to make it less strong… I think that it is a way to ward off bad luck.

  8. Leanne says:

    Haha. Since you’re being forced to fly Eva Air, you’ll get to snag one for yourself! Does it still bring you any pleasure? ;)

  9. next time i go somewhere far away nd need a plane then im going to eva air

  10. Wendyscat says:

    Presumably people are keen to keep these so they don’t get used (for barfing in) and therefore all HK food served is kept down.

  11. tay tay says:

    a friken barf bag WTH?????a barf bag with a whore on it?(they have hello kitty condoms and vibrators too)

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  13. kati says:

    This fashion show is so Cool I love it

  14. SM says:

    The perfect product, one that creates its own use. Looking at that would definitely make ME retch.

  15. tina says:

    something iwhould like 2 puke into because its so cute

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