I don’t get it (what a big surprise there) – why do women think it’s cute to have Hello Kitty on the ends of their fingers? Some more nails that my wife “just has to have”

Hello Kitty Finger Nails

I have nightmares about things like this…you know those ghost stories where a single hand comes after you? It becomes exponentially more scary when there are Hello Kitty press on finger nails on the end of the hand coming after you (bet you don’t want to even imagine something that horrifying, but that is my everyday Hello Kitty Hell…)

Sent in by Dominique from a BBC news website about a Tokyo beauty show – who should definitely be forced to wear those hideous things for the rest of the year…

Update: Doesn’t matter the pattern, Hello Kitty nails don’t ever get any better (via Cookiee46)

Hello Kitty nails

Hello Kitty nails thumbs

and more…

Hello Kitty finger nails

left by Jalie via facebook

Hello Kitty nails

Sent in by effie

Hello Kitty finger nails

Left by Ana via facebook

Hello Kitty bubblegum nails

Sent in by far, far to many people including Anchalee on facebook

hello kitty fingernails

Left by @chinchowdoll on Twitter

hello kitty pirate nail

Left by @PinkVelvetDream on Twitter

hello kitty fake nails

Left by Tracy via facebook

hello kitty face nails

Left by Lydia via facebook

hello kitty sparkly nails

Sent in by Cat

hello kitty nail art

Sent in by margot

hello kitty nail painting

Left on facebook by Mona

hello kitty finger nails

Left by @PinkVelvetDream on Twitter

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hello kitty false finger nails

Sent in by Jennifer

hello kitty black nails

Sent in by Jennifer

hello kitty fake fingernails

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hello kitty pink nail art

Sent in by mary (via theinvisiblewombat)

Hello Kitty nail art

Sent in by Martha

Hello Kitty wtf nails

Sent in by Sanlv

129 thoughts on “Nails

  1. I am really sorry for all the women who have these nails: I mean, come on:
    – It’ll hurt you;
    – It’ll hurt anyone around you;
    – I think that it’s probably not even hygienic:S

    I mean: if I were a kid and I saw a lady with nails like that coming at me. I would be traumatized for live…

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I TOTALY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love them! Most of them are acrylic nails with acrylic mold of the HK and Bows. Someone actually molded and painted these 3D nails by hand. Very impressive!! I’m a nail tech. 😉

  4. It is funny to me… women put up with their men and beer bellies, smelly feet, football and other sports, leaving the toilet seats up, and etc…, why can’t they deal with a little fingernail fun for their ladies?

    I do not think that women with babies and small children should have wild nails, but it is okay to have a little fun with them when possible. I am African-American and we originated “Funky Fun” nails. We as a race were highly ridiculed for our ‘tacky’ nail designs, as well as our huge gold earrings, nose piercing, braids and slang language! As soon as ‘white’ stars from Bo Derick to Gwen Steffani started STEALING our fashion trends, they suddenly became high-end fashion statements!

    I am one of a few African-American Nail Tech that is still around, and successful
    in Southern California. Out here, there are many women of different cultural backgrounds wearing ornate nail art , and I make good money doing them, and I am wearing them, and will wear them until I am too old to do so! People should be able to ‘express’ themselves, as long as they are not hurting anyone. Judging make others feel more superior, but deep down they know they are not.

    Life is really a short journey… have fun when, and while you can. If the shoe does not fit, don’t wear it… but who are you to decide what kind of shoes someone else should wear?

  5. If nail art is about personal expression, wouldn’t you want it to be an original design of your own not some character created by another person. Putting Hello Kitty, or any other character on your nails isn’t expressing yourself; it’s expressing the creator. Now if you say you are doing to pay homage to them, then at least it would be truthful. In any case, those are some of the creepiest claws I have ever seen…and I was around in the early 90’s!

  6. okaii im like in LOVE WIT HELLO KITTY nd i love dat cn sum1 plzzzzz tell me where i cn get dem done like dat……??

  7. Where can i find these 3D hello kittys for the nail im from luxemburg and i am searching that for a long time
    Pls tell me a internet site where i can have them:) thnx

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