Hello Kitty Toilet

You knew that it would be impossible for Hello Kitty to stop at Hello Kitty toilet paper and when the Hello Kitty bathtub made it’s presence known, I had that haunting Hello Kitty Hell feeling what was going to be coming next. Of course, my wife thinks we need the Hello Kitty toilet to compliment all the Hello Kitty crap that is already in our bathroom:

Hello Kitty toilet

As a guy, I’m not sure if there is anything more humiliating than going to the toilet, lifting the lid to take a piss and having Hello Kitty staring back at you the entire time. There is just something extremely wrong with that image and yet I see that image becoming a reality in the days to come. Sometimes the worst part of Hello Kitty Hell is already knowing what life is going to be like in the near future…

from yen in the comments…who should be forced to live with a Hello Kitty bathroom for the rest of her life…

Update: You knew that one Hello Kitty toilet would never be enough for Hello Kitty fanatics. Seen at 3 apples by Cindy:

Hello Kitty toilet

and more:

hello kitty toilets

Sent in by shilah

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26 Responses to Hello Kitty Toilet

  1. Gina says:

    Wow, what will they think of next? But, you think you have it bad with Hello Kitty? Check out this page with all of this Little Mermaid memorabila.


    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse!

  2. redeux says:

    be happy she hasn’t found the 23 function HK toiletseat yet…

  3. Me says:

    Okaaaaay, I can only think of ONE function for a toilet seat. ????

  4. Georgeanna says:

    well i always have wanted to sh** all over hello kitty and this is an excuse


  5. Lea says:

    wow, as a hello kitty fan, i have to admit…sometimes all this hello kitty stuff freaks me out too.

    what happened to the simple ht pens and diaries? now we’ve got to go all out? it makes me feel like i’m not even a “real” fan after all…

  6. Cindy says:

    How about some hello kitty curtins to complete the look in your bathroom?http://www.unimall.com.tw/goods.asp?ID=2007W69392300

  7. random kt freak says:

    this has got to b one of the crappiest crap sanrio has com up w/


    – its over priced bling bling for your plastic drink bottle

    …. wtf… :S

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  9. TeratoMarty says:

    Well, you could take some ceramicoat paint and stencil HK on the inside of the bowl. Would that make you feel better?

  10. sparklefluff says:

    Ok, this is too much. The bath tub was cute, but peeing on Hello Kitty? No way.

  11. MIo says:

    Kya~~ Kawaii~! \(#^^#)/
    We should have gotten these into our bathroom! I also LOVE the bathtub. These cuties never scare off Japanese women as they are part of our normal life (^-^)v Taiwanese did a great job on these creations (>o

  12. Cade says:

    Haha. Cute. There is even a HK toddler potty in existence (not surprisingly).

  13. ABH says:


  14. Sakura (jeannette) says:


  15. MandynClark says:

    This should be called HELLO SHITTY!

  16. b says:

    i think its cute but over the top and would never place it in my home

  17. shocked person says:

    The only nice thing I can think about this is that when the time comes, they’ll design a toilet in the shape of HK’s big wide mouth.

    Aaaahhh the bliss.

  18. hello kitty terrorist says:

    it’s the hello crapper

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  20. Sharon says:

    Something tells me this house either a) serves as a Day Care Center or b) has at least four sets of twins all under six years old.

  21. amy says:

    i wish i had all that hello kitty stuff i love her

  22. yolanda says:

    gnaa gett ett wenn igett myy ownn placee lol:]]]

  23. carrieunderwood says:

    hey. this is the real carrie underwood. i think this website is stupid… i typed in just random stufff and i saw this. my best friends daughter loves hello kitty so i clicked on this… i hope my fans follow me and stop coming on this website, this person is just weird.
    -c, underwood
    love all ya’ll

  24. I am looking for those decals!! :D

  25. Storm says:

    slap a sticker on ANY toilet

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