Hello Kitty Hunting

My wife didn’t like this photo:

Hello Kitty hunting

I wonder why???

Courtesy of Kat — and several others later (via threadless) who I owe a beer for finding something Hello Kitty that my wife didn’t like ;)

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30 Responses to Hello Kitty Hunting

  1. tokyowars says:

    So…you going to buy it? Or would that mean you get the Hello Kitty Sleeping bag for a week? :P

  2. FINALLY! Something Hello Kitty I like!

  3. redeux says:

    finally , a hello kitty item i can buy !!!

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  5. Curious Panda says:

    I wonder if it’s Sanrio sertified… LOL

  6. Kristin Bell says:

    Your wife is right, that is horrible! It is sad to see Hello Kitty dead! I can only assume that Hello Kitty has taken up an acting career and she isn’t really dead! In that case I say it is funny that Hello Kitty is now an action movie star! hehe.

  7. Alfred says:

    DISGUSTING! ONLY a complete loser would buy this!

  8. mausie says:


  9. JanInPhx says:

    too funny, but just wait until the wife finds all the knit, crochet, crafting and cross stitch patterns on e-bay. ;}
    She’ll be making her own Hello Kitty sweaters, handbags etc.

  10. norman from normans says:

    i guess if your wife likes the hello kitty vibrator?
    i beg you pardon if this sounds ofenssive but it really exists.

  11. Kara says:

    Sicko!!!!!! Who would make this!?

  12. Sonja says:

    what are you gonna do about the hello kitty assault rifle & why isn’t the toaster on here?

  13. Nick says:

    i hate hello kite
    i want her to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. keeksi says:

    hiii! :)


    i love hello kitty i have looked on a tattoo and i find her many hello kitty tattoos

    it´s a sweet hompage ….

    best greetings keeksi

  15. ~HKFAN~ says:


  16. ^HelloKitty23 says:

    ooooh nooooo
    i love her… that’s too much for my heart..

  17. Ali says:

    OH MY GOD!!! i have to buy that so many people at my school would hate me!! I LOVE IT!!

  18. charm says:

    hooray! now, is this one thing you would tell people where to buy from? i love it though. hello kitty makes me sick. all the readers here should kidnap you and put you far away from HKH. without a ransom.

  19. claire says:


  20. HKitty says:

    WOW that shirt has loser written all over it. Only a psycho path would buy that.

  21. Mari says:

    The icing on the cake would be if Kitty was strapped on the front bumper of a truck. bwahaha!…lol…poor HK

  22. LOLLiPOPLOZZiE says:

    man this is to freaking good!
    can i purchase one of these??
    to cool
    well done
    nicee work (Y)

  23. Tibz says:

    HKitty, psychopath is one word, not two.

    I’d love to have that shirt, though my mom wouldn’t like the gun and the blood. Mmmm, fairness at last.

  24. Liz says:

    I like that! Could use less blood, though. Not a huge fan of gushing blood everywhere.

  25. b says:

    loooovvveee it

  26. SM says:

    The ONLY HK thing I would EVER dignify by buying.

    To the whiners, you’ll sure see OTHER cartoon characters drawn dead and bloody, so get over yourselves.

  27. fern says:

    this makes me very happy

  28. sexyretard says:


  29. William says:

    I don’t suppose that sending a few hundred boxes of these clothes to Arabic muslims was in good taste ? <>

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