Hello Kitty Space Heater

This is the time of year when people begin to take out their winter items. If you live in Hello Kitty Hell, that means having to deal with another year of such items like the Hello Kitty USB lap warmer and Hello Kitty USB foot warmers, but unfortunately things don’t stop there. That is because the evil feline can’t begin a new season without placing her mark on a whole new line for Hello Kitty fanatics to drool over. Thus my wife insists that we need to purchase this Hello Kitty flat space heater:

Hello Kitty space heater

Hello Kitty space heater

It’s when my wife start showing me things like this that I wonder if it would just be better to freeze to death…

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31 Responses to Hello Kitty Space Heater

  1. tamtamyoo says:

    Is it safe?! Looks more like an electric grill to me!

  2. darlene says:

    You should freeze to death because that is what you deserve. Your wife goes to all the effort to make sure that you are warm during the winter and all you can do is complain instead of thanking her for her concern. How ungrateful is that?

  3. tamtamyoo says:

    Yeah, it might just burn down their home with all the other HK junk!

  4. La Chatte says:

    Darlene, give it a rest please. What’s your problem? People that like HK should be happy, not being mean bitches to people who don’t.

  5. Absinth says:

    I agree with La Chatte :) and that heater looks like something that you could get burned with…

  6. Hello Xu Xu says:

    pink and black are a nice combination, does it come in any other colours? Still a bit warm in Taiwan, but give it another month or so……

  7. brien says:

    I had to look closely to see Hello Kitty on it. Maybe it’s just how it photographs, or my monitor, but it seems that she’s hard to see. At least it has that going for it.

  8. Wendy says:

    This looks like something I’d burn myself on – then I’d have a Kitty face scortched into my leg.

  9. LadyXS says:

    I dont understand why you would need to purchase this item…It seems kind of…useless. xD

  10. jennster says:

    love the daily dose of darlene dumbness. i swear, i think she is a computer bot or something cause she basically says the same thing everytime.

    that heater is scary looking.

  11. shadowdragon says:

    Last time I saw this appliance it was for sale (at an exorbitant price, I might add), without the kitty face, at an enormous cat show. They were selling it for CATS…..specifically, so you could use it on your aging and ill cats to help their arthritis & such.

    We just use a cheap heating pad.

  12. Alenderis says:

    Open Letter to Darlene: Do you have anything else to do, besides insulting him at every turn. To me, all of your posts seem to me to be the constant ramblings of someone with no friends. Is it because your daddy doesn’t love you?

    Righto, to the actual post: From the looks of it, that thing seems to be a major fire hazard. It looks like its stands are barely holding it in place, you bump it the right way it’d probably fall and burn the house down.

    Seems like something Hello Kitty would do, sneak into your house saying she wants to “keep you warm during the winter”, then bam, she burns down your house and all your valuables and leaves you out in the cold.

  13. KALIKADAWNE says:

    Darlene is probably fairly young. Be kind to children, no matter how silly they seem.

  14. jennster says:

    “Seems like something Hello Kitty would do, sneak into your house saying she wants to “keep you warm during the winter”, then bam, she burns down your house and all your valuables and leaves you out in the cold.”


  15. Amy says:

    imagine her sweet visage engulfed in flames a million times over as the space heater with an open element burns down your home and all the useless merchandise that preceded her. however your wife may need therapy after that…. lol that is the compromise i suppose!

  16. Absinth says:

    “Darlene is probably fairly young”
    No child is that fluent… darlene expresses herself in a very non-childish way! At the most she is a teenager with an obvious incapacity to accept people with different oppinions. Intolerance is never good, at any age!

  17. Autumn says:

    The warmer idea is a good one, although with Hello Kitty on it, its kind of…..stupid.

    Slapping HK on something doesn’t make it any more efficient, just, more expensive. You can get dehumidifiers with HK on it for almost triple the price of a better one.

    It’s a sad sad day when the one of the stupidest things (i.e USB lap warmer, Foot warmers, space heater) has Hello Kitty on it. And what is even sadder is, I don’t doubt that this space warmer will appear on his doorstep within a month.

  18. Danielle Olivolo says:

    I love this. I want this. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be available in the US. I can’t find it on either the Sanrio website or Dreamkitty.com. *sigh*

  19. blkx says:

    Yes, Darlene, he should freeze to death because you are someone who doesn’t like what he has to say, yet comes here repeatedly to spew off psycho-babble in hopes of converting someone who obviously has a pretty good sense of humor. Either that, or concocting some off analysis of this man and his wife’s relationship. Obviously, despite their differences, they seemingly get along, or else the blog would be called, ‘life in kitty heaven’.

    Even as a HK fan, some of these extremes are hilarious. There are practical HK items (ok, that’s stretching it) such as rubber coasters I received from several friends (hey, at least my wooden furniture doesn’t get stained) or the Sanyo toaster oven (from older brother – I’m 33) w/ a HK image smacked on it.

    While my other half (Marine) thinks HK is silly, he’s got a good sense of humor about it — esp hiding the little 1″x1″ dice dangling from his visor when he’s driving his friends, or putting up w/ an HK bathroom on his side (we’re not living together, but when he stays over, he gets the guest bathroom).

    Ok, wow that was quite a bit of babbling myself!

    Keep up the fun humor HK hater :)

    Btw, this thing looks like a flat grill

  20. AshMo says:

    my bf said this is a space heater for Demons!!!

  21. cadz says:

    i love it!

  22. RT says:


    If my wife bought this, I would begin mail ordering live harp seal pups to burn in an effort to offset the cuteness.

  23. Mandie says:

    It’s somewhat professional looking for a hello kitty product, i’d love to use it to keep my feet warm in the winter but i’d be tempted to make pancakes on it

  24. Mari says:

    I’ll just wear some socks thanks. =)

  25. imani says:

    i love hello kitty so i accept anything that has her face on it

  26. melvina says:

    how to purchase ites fromthis site

  27. Emily says:

    Set the hello kitty crap on fire. that’ll warm ya up ^-^

  28. YYY says:

    Aww…you said freeze to death instead of the D word. Give til death do us apart a whole new meaning…lol
    I was reading through a lot of your blogs, and you never once used the D word. That’s sweet in a somewhat weird sort of way.
    I’m a hello kitty lover, yet I still love all your blogs, you have a great sense of humour.

  29. jo says:

    hows this guy afford it all or is he connected with hello kitty with sanio

  30. yeli says:

    can i cook burger patties on this? or maybe pancake perhaps…XD

  31. Shax says:

    Dude, this is bad. Every add down the side of this site is for Hello Kitty Merch… They have even got to you too.

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