Hello Kitty Halloween Costume III

It seems that the Halloween demons led by the evil feline have decided that they will continue to torture me even though the holiday is over. Yet more Halloween scariness sent my way in the form of another Hello Kitty Halloween costume:

Hello Kitty Halloween costume

I image this is a preview to what a Hello Kitty convention would be like and just the thought of it is making the indigestion begin already…

Sent in by Dorian who, like the others, really should have to wear this year round as punishment for extending my Hello Kitty Halloween misery…

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18 Responses to Hello Kitty Halloween Costume III

  1. Misawa says:

    Oooh This one is cute.. I love the Polka Dots…
    The shoes are cute and big to match the bigness of the head!!! AWwww The best so far matching wise..

    On another note..
    I wanted to send you a picture but not sure how…
    I have a Picture from The Kiku Festival at Hirosaki.
    Isn’t she cute all Flowery <3

  2. yet another anonymous says:

    Hello Kitty goods cost more than 10 times similar products (but not Hello Kittified) cost.
    Young adults wearing Hello Kitty Costume … priceless.

  3. Kitteh!! says:

    I fully predict that HKH isn’t going to like this, but I actually think that this (his photo, not Misawa’s) is a pretty good costume.

  4. Misawa says:

    Sorry about that big Post. Did not know it would do that. I wish I could edit the link out.
    As well the My Photo is not a costume. Its a Statue of Hello Kitty.

  5. Wendyscat says:

    Argh – the horror, the horror!

  6. Kitteh!! says:

    Misawa, I didn’t mean to imply that I thought your photo was of a costume. I was just being clear as to which photo I was referring to. OK?

  7. Absinth says:

    Can she breathe inside that head?

  8. Dorian says:

    Yes I can breathe… well kinda. I put a sheer yellow material for the nose so I could see and breathe. Unfortunately the weather in Hilo, Hawaii that day was really muggy so I was dying walking around with my costume!!! I had fun! had a good 2 hours of sleep that day though with all the sewing I did.

    HKhell is the best site ever!!

  9. shyanne says:

    Hey cousin, love the coustume. Will you help me think of one to be next year.

  10. sanriobaby says:

    Bless her for wearing this, but people who wear the HK costume have got me beat in the fan department. I’ll just stick to outfitting my kichen in HK happiness :)

  11. whoa are u serious im definitely getting this no matter what u people who hate on hello kitty say ya digg

  12. Ninjakitten says:

    Okay, this one’s actually really good, though I wonder how she can see… and I’m surprised she thought to wear white tights over her hands and arms, but not over her shins under the pants.

    Speaking as an HK-neutral, I vote that this one’s cute. :) But I hope your wife didn’t see it…

  13. Heather says:

    hi I love love love that costum were did you get it ? I been looking every were for one lol ..

  14. Dorian says:

    I made it! Like for real…

  15. lolokitty says:

    I actually really like this one.
    one of the best costumes.
    Although it looks uncomfortable

  16. val g says:

    hi o i love that costume were were do u get it at i need that ys i do

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