Hello Kitty Car License Plate

There really should be some kind of law that people can’t get personalized license plates like this:

Hello Kitty license plate

Of course, my wife wants one for our always increasingly Hello Kitty pimped out car (I’ve been avoiding writing about it lately because it is getting so depressing), but luck is on my side on this one — they currently don’t offer personalized license plates in Japan. Of course, the minute they do, we all know what’s going to happen…

Sent in by Jo “Hello Kitty” Cook — I should wish a terrible act would fall upon her for even thinking it was a good idea to send this to me like I usually do, but I really can’t think of anything worse than changing your name to “Hello Kitty” …

It was bound to happen — because after all this is Hello Kitty Hell — this showed up in my email immediately after posting this (which just goes to show that way too many Hello Kitty fanatics read this blog…):

Hello Kitty license plate

From Nicola

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17 Responses to Hello Kitty Car License Plate

  1. k says:

    It would be cutie on the right car, like a black corvet. I am planning to do my car in hk too. I bet that dosen’t make ya feel any less hk hellish tho.

  2. Joanne Hello Kitty says:

    I do plan to get a new car!!!……just couldnt wait to put the plates on…..

  3. CaRinn says:

    I think i’ve seen the second one driving around near where i live!

  4. Nicola says:

    I own the second car. I think I kept it quite tasteful. The inside has minimal Hello Kitty accessories. I plan to get a few more key items. Less is more, afterall.

    I love this Blog, though I know I am not supposed to according to it’s author. It’s very well written and funny. He is obviously amused by our addictions.

  5. My heart goes out to the poor boyfriend or husband that gets stuck with that car for a day.

  6. Sammi says:

    I have a Hello Kitty car!

  7. Moriyah says:


  8. Nicola says:

    Actually, my boyfriend’s van broke down over the weekend and he has been forced to drive my Hello Kitty car today. I have another car that has no Kitty at all, but he opted to take HK because it is a nicer car. He was grumbling on the way out the door this morning, but he had a choice!

  9. A choice? In a Sanrio universe, what choice is there?

    If the police pull him over at least he’ll be treated like a king…..

    Rodney King that is!

  10. arel says:

    i have a hello kitty car,its a daihatsu limited edition production……i make up my car with fully h.kitty acc,now i always won at the show……its so great…………

  11. Hello Kitty Luv says:

    I have a Hello Kitty Toyota Tacoma and I needed a red one, so I could deck it out with white decals! All you old school HK fans know that original HK was white, with a red bow!! Love her more than anything in life!!!

  12. Carolina says:

    OMG! I will have to send in a photo. Got a new white SUV for Christmas from the hubby and I went to order the Hello Kitty license plates. Well in my state I had to do NINE combinations to get my tag right.

    And mind you I had to pay a $50 deposit to hold mine the 60 days in which time 3 other people tried to get it! Who knew so many HK fans existed at the DMV? Anyway, we are allowed 7 letters with one space. I won’t say which one is mine (wanted the first one, but that’s been locked forever…) but here’s the list:


  13. SanrioWA says:

    OMG!! And they are from Perth, Western Australia!! No wonder i couldnt get those plates! I cant believe there is another Hello Kitty fanatic out there like me in WA!

  14. pascale says:

    i want HlloKitti

  15. C.Y.Leow says:

    Hi from New Zealand
    The last time I check I still can get “HLKITY”, we are allowed only 6 characters on our personalized plates.
    Obviously HK is not popular in this part of the world ;) But my daughter have a HK toaster!
    The guy with the coolest plate live not very far from us, EllMC2; is that a cool gig or what!

  16. Hammster says:

    To many Hello Kitty fanatics read your blog? Well, how can we resist such a splendid HK scavenger’s list. :-D

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