Hello Kitty Chinese Wedding Day

Another doomed man to Hello Kitty Hell that has no idea what he has gotten himself into…

Hello Kitty Chinese wedding

The problem with Hello Kitty fanatics is that they are perfectly willing to humiliate their partner and place them into the depths of Hello Kitty Hell from day one and see absolutely nothing wrong with it (because wouldn’t everybody want to dress up as Hello Kitty?). Here is the explanation in the email:

On our wedding day, according to Chinese traditions, the groom will come to “collect” the bride from her parents house. But before he gets to see her, he has to play games and do stupid things before he is allowed through the gate to see his bride. I made the Hello Kitty head for him to wear complete with collar and bell :))…I was laughing the whole time I was sewing it.

Of course, my wife thought it was “sweet” and “adorable” – two words that were quite the opposite of how I would describe the situation. My sympathies go out to this man because what this poor soul doesn’t realize is that what he assumed was a one-time gag for fun is now the reality of the rest of his life…

Sent in by Gayle, who really should have to wear that costume each day for the rest of her life for thinking it was a good thing to send me this photo and whose husband is free to write for this blog at any time…

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25 Responses to Hello Kitty Chinese Wedding Day

  1. darlene says:

    Typical of you. You have to disparage this man because he is so much better than you are. He is willing to support and nurture his wife while all you do is write a blog and complain about how miserable your life is. If you could have an outlook like him, you would be the happiest man on earth. You don’t realize how many men wish they could be in your position and that is why you are always mean and negative.

  2. k says:

    I pitty this poor soul.

  3. Richard B says:

    Dalene you know nothing about men, and that makes me laugh.

  4. Misawa says:

    But this is a funny gag. xD I should make someone dress as hello kitty Santa for Christmas!

  5. yet another anonymous says:

    > … they are perfectly willing to humiliate their partner …

    I guess you are sleeping on a couch tonight as your words also apply to your wife.

  6. Eize says:

    Well, now I know what to do if ever a guy cheats on me: humiliate him with THIS!

  7. cynthadeltorro says:

    Good point from Yet Another. HKH, your wife must read your blog and you blog rather prolifically. Do you sleep on the couch 5 of 7? Or does she “get it” on some level and let you get away with it? lol.

    If we had such a tradition in the U.S. I might consider getting married again.

  8. Gaby says:

    Is he holding a hello kitty vibrator?

  9. k says:

    I do believe he is Gaby. Maby part of the humiliation was he had to give the vibrator a blow job. Lol.

  10. m says:

    This is hilarious! At least it’s purpose was to torture, and that purpose has been served!

  11. liz says:

    i hope that marriage’s worth it for him….hahaha
    i bet he only has to do it that once though.

  12. pantrygirl says:

    Wrong on all levels.

    My husband would never ever go for that nor would I subject him to this sad affair.

    Kudos for this guy. I bet he blacked out his face out of humiliation.

  13. TeratoMarty says:

    Urgh, if I had to go through this kind of humiliation to get married, I’d just give it up and be gay. Oh, wait: I’m already gay. Never mind.

  14. siimuk says:

    I want to see his face!

  15. Wendyscat says:

    ‘he has to play games and do stupid things before he is allowed through the gate ‘ – Darlene should recognise that Gayle acknowledges this head and bell wearing as ‘STUPID’!!!

  16. Zero Tachikoma says:

    “But before he gets to see her, he has to play games and do stupid things before he is allowed through the gate to see his bride.”

    I know how to build a cannon out of a tree. Your move :P

  17. Silent Bob says:

    I don’t even want to think about the kinky wedding night sex tape….. that is just tooo screwed up!

  18. Alina says:

    funny he is holding one of those hello kitty VIBRATORS

  19. Tibz says:

    Darlene, I am sure that many many men would want to be married to a wife that would forsake her husband’s happiness in her Hello Kitty mania. I am also sure that they reside in the murky pink kittified depths of your imagination.

  20. Jie Jie says:

    There are Hello Kitty Wedding Dresses…….just so your wife knows ^_^ (I’m evil in that way)….so then she can wear it if ever she thinks about having a second wedding or something for your silver anniversary? IDK just a thought ^_^ ahahhaha

  21. Rei says:

    LOLZ! What an EVIL woman!! XD maybe I should do that too when I get married!

    It’ll just show that he better not screw up our lives when we become husband and wife XD

    It’s an excellent way to torture your husband… But although I do feel sorry for him, seeing how I’m not a HK fan. But I do enjoy torturing people XD

    Why do I have a feeling that your wife’s obsession of HK is just to spite you Mr HKH?

  22. Lynn says:

    Women to marry are so scarce in China that men will do anything to get married…this is just too sad to ever look at or think about again !

  23. Ellie says:

    Such a silly man :D

  24. rose anne says:

    hello kitty is sooooooo cute!

  25. Quiet One says:

    “But before he gets to see her, he has to play games and do stupid things before he is allowed through the gate to see his bride.”

    What does that meant?

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