Hello Kitty Bikini Plush Nightmare

Damn, just damn (shakes head, tries to push image out of mind, feels ice-cream type headache invade brain and no matter what is attempted, the image won’t go away…)

I know that part of living in Hello Kitty Hell is the risk that something will show up in my email that will traumatize me for the rest of the day. On occasion the photo will traumatize me for the week. If it is really horrible, it may traumatize me for a month. I think this one is going to traumatize me for the rest of my life:

Hello Kitty bikini plush dress

There isn’t much that crosses my computer screen these days that makes me jump back in my chair so that it topples over backwards and I instantly want to sear my eyes with hot branding irons, but this did. Damn…someone tell me how I can make this image go away…

Sent in my Lauren who should have to stare at this photo every morning for the rest of her life before she starts her day for thinking for an instant that sending me this photo could ever be a good idea…

78 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bikini Plush Nightmare

  1. Thanks Rebecca. That was one of my thoughts. The scientific side of Heston Bloomin(over-complicated)stal’s “Ultimate >Recipe<” series on the BBC a few months back then?

  2. I wasn’t going to drop a comment tonight. I really wasn’t.
    But I saw this photo of Ms. LePore and realized- here’s someone just as artificially sculpted-looking as Hello Kitty, draped in Hello Kitty. Really, this is a perfect meeting of minds.

    In that whole ‘I want to vomit until all I can see is red’ sort of sense.

  3. I’m simulatenously reminded of Cruella Deville (and her want of a dalmation coat) and an old video clip from the late 80’s where a dude had teddy-bear pants. I think it was “Bust a Move”.

    And this saying sprang to mind:
    “What has been seen cannot be unseen”

  4. I would date darlene (as logs as she stays away from knives) before I would go out with her(?) (check for the Addams apple). This is not right

  5. Hey, it’s Amanda Lepore. 😀 One of the Superstar Club Kids back in the day of Michael Alig, James St. James and Disco 2000. He/She is fabulous. (yes, literally. She’s one giant, horrid plastic sex change)

  6. wat the HK is she all about!!! aint NOTHING fabulous about mutton dressed as lamb- OR a Kitty for that matter!!!! put her too near a flame & she’d bloody melt!!!! are there any guys out there that’d get passionate with her?????

  7. wow………. and isn’t hello kitty is suposed to be cute? EW! this guy like ruined her image! Like ew! MY FREAKIN EYES! IM TO YOUNG TO BE BLIND! EWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  8. 1st off i would like to say wow i will never be able to get that image outta my head….and 2nd off i like to say i love how darlene says the hello kitty this and that like its a reall person….but i hear it at least once a day to so no surprise….

  9. Why would you let someone go out like that. Thats just ewwwwwwww and sick. I would never ever do that shizzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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