Hello Kitty Room Hell Video

Eight minutes of pure Hello Kitty Hell (view at your own risk of permanent brain damage)…

The worst (and by far scariest) part is that it looks way to close to how our entire house looks…

Sent in by Lizzie x who should have to watch this video over and over for an entire month for thinking that it could ever be a good idea to send this video to me…

68 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Room Hell Video

  1. Haha, the Hello Kitty fan made me laugh out loud. What a strange item. That woman had the style sense of a blind wombat though. It’s not that I hate HK, there are actually some quite nice and stylish items made in theme of HK, but it looks like she just went crazy and bought it all making her room look more like HK vomit.

  2. Okay…I like hello kitty. I think She’s cute. But DAMN. That’s just insane. I wonder how long this took her to get? and how much money she wasted on that CAT :O I am really shocked. Though..I’m a sucker for purses but even some of those were really tacky o.O

  3. (5:11 and 6:07 made me laugh for some reason.)

    Would you like to know a sad, bizarre, absurd, sickening, awful truth?
    Three days ago, I was googling the HK vibrator because I was curious,
    and stumbled upon Hello Kitty Hell,
    and have since been very very fond of the feline.
    I feel your pain, oddly,
    But am becoming vaguely/mildy interested in her.

    And I really really want the fan in that video.
    I mean the thing that blows air, not the girl.

    And my first and last initials are HK. That’s awkward.

  4. Well, at least there’s some hope! I saw a couple of disney things in there, I swear.

    The scary thing is that I want a couple of those things. Don’t worry, I won’t ask, I know the drill… “it ain’t gonna happen”

  5. I’m a big HK fan but I have a very strict limit when it comes to purchasing HK merchandise. This is just W…T…F
    Personally I think the whole 100% HK theme is terribly tacky. I mean I thought about doing my bathroom all Kittied out but I couldn’t even find bathroom accessories that I would actually bring myself to pay for. The whole house in HK just screams INSANITY.

  6. ok i love hello kitty but thats wayyy to much! and she has like snoopy, shes betraying kitty xD LOL thats a whole store in there, the worst of all most of the things are not sanrio original, some of them are chineese xD so if you are a fan or something that canĀ“t be for collection. Well anyways in jappan kitty is a hole fever abbout her, i love her but that way too much pink and too much of kitty..anyways if you watch the video SHE DOESENT HAVE THE KITTY CELLPHONE LOOOL she has every single thing but not that! xD was a fun video I HATE THE MUSIC that she puts but anyways…she still dosent have the waffle maker of kitty and the toaster, we will have to see in the next video she made, at least we can have an idea what she ask for christmas xD

  7. OMG I’m getting shivers down my spine!!!

    This is absolutely torture! T_T

    I watched it for a min. in awe of how much shit this person in the video has…

    MAn… I feel so sorry for you Mr HKH, after if I times taht much crap in that video about >100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times… *shudders*

  8. Wow….I dont know if it a coincidence, or maybe the camera…but that video actually mad me naseous…i’m a girl, i think HK is cute. LIKE ONE THING!! I wouldnt mind maybe JUST the hole puncher or something…but that made me physically ill;wow. the feline is truely evil….I have her UNO cards…maybe i should toss them.

  9. That’s crazy, but hey, if that’s what she likes then oh well. I really liked that first song on the video…anyone knows what it’s called?

  10. Should’ve painted her room pink. Again, Hello Kitty in excess.
    I liked the big HK face plushie sitting on the couch. Gotta find one o those..
    What if her room caught fire? Hehe.. >:D

  11. Ok I loveeee Hk, but I can never imagine having my room SWALLOWED by toys. There is a line.. a very fine line!! I wouldn’t mind maybe a pillow or bed set, but having all those stuffed animals everywhere..no thanks!!! More like a shrine then a fan. This person needs HK-Rehab. Sorry :)

    I love when she shows us how the phone buttons work :)

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