Hello Kitty Bikini Bottoms

This is why Hello Kitty fanatics scare the hell out of me – they fashion things like this Hello Kitty bikini bottom that they believe is sexy, but just leaves everyone who sees it saying wtf?!?

Hello Kitty Bikini

Some things are simply so wrong that there is nothing to do but weep in pain at the horror. While I never thought I’d say this, I think I would actually be less traumatized with more Hello Kitty in this instance. I don’t even want to know anything more about it…I’ve been trying to erase the image from my mind the second that I opened the email and nothing is working. A lobotomy is looking like a perfectly reasonable surgical procedure if it could wipe the image away. This is yet another instance that proves that Hello Kitty Hell can always get worse…much, much worse…

Sent in by Matt who pretty much sums it up with his comment, “If the tan-damaged butterfly of Naugahyde doom doesn’t soften your manhood, the rubber band/maxi-pad Hello Kitty bikini bottoms will…” which just proves that he deserves intense and unrelenting torture for thinking something like this should ever be sent to my email box…

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68 Responses to Hello Kitty Bikini Bottoms

  1. Anais says:

    LOL Hello Maxipad. There’s a scary thought.

  2. jasmine cupcake says:

    ha ha i cant stop laughing
    ew IT has a very crappy tattoo.

  3. Kimiko says:

    y’know….im looking @ that thing and hoping it was home made…cuz i would hate to know that more than one person can possibly obtain something that disturbing @_@

  4. djj says:

    does that vagine have fangs?

  5. momo says:

    wow… just… wow…. in the worst possible way.

  6. Jekka says:

    Where is the bikini bottom? I see a tattoo and tan skin. lol seriously that thing is SO small. A fat chick would put that on and LOSE it.

  7. mandie says:

    it might not be so ugly if it was made like a real bikini, not this…schlong holder D:

  8. Candy says:


  9. sexyretard says:

    darlene doesnt have anything to say about this

  10. kitty fan says:

    i’m a mini-fan of hello kitty….
    bt this is effin gross, man! like….wtf is this??? some things you just dont do!

  11. lala says:

    i think that more wwird bikini bottom is the tattoo under it :O

  12. cecelia says:

    that is disgusting.

  13. JenKittie says:

    My eyes hurt. :( Even before I read the whole article all I could think was “It looks like a re-usable maxi pad on stretchy cord…


  14. iribu says:

    hello daer . send me your hot pic . i miss you

  15. Leslie says:

    Dude… These are just oldfashioned pads for when you have your period.

  16. Johny says:

    lol man that thing looks like a napkin and dental floss….i dont know i dont think id be very attracted by that personally….its almost to naked… Dont get me wrong naked can be sexy…or close to naked….but thats too close lol. id say not hot.. almost idiotic =P.

    i would like to see some better attempts at sexy lol i could probably put that little thing on and be sexier… any ideas of sexy?

  17. Kadaver says:

    This is just frightening. I believe I am scarred for life.

  18. Nyan says:

    The scariest part…. It looks like the wearer of this atrocity is in public.

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