Hello Kitty Hole Punch

One of the worst things about Hello Kitty is the sheer abundance of terribly annoying crap that the evil feline produces. A perfect example of this is the Hello Kitty hole punch:

Hello Kitty hole punch

Instead of a regular hole punch, this hole punch stamps out Hello Kitty’s face (yes, it made me gag too). While this may at first appear to be only mildly annoying, in the hands of a Hello Kitty fanatic it is non stop torture. Every single celebration of any kind, bags full of Hello Kitty face confetti get thrown all over the house. Even with the Hello Kitty vacuum cleaner, the Hello Kitty confetti finds its way into nooks and crevices so that it continues to show up for the entire week. Of course, within that week, another event worth celebrating (at least in the Hello Kitty fanatic’s mind) has occurred meaning there is a never ending supply of Hello Kitty confetti that is found in our house. Just one more aspect of living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Lilavati (via HelloKittyMuseum) who should have to suffer Hello Kitty hole punches all over her body for thinking even for a split second that sending me this photo could ever be a good idea…

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  1. If it makes you feel any better I have a punch that makes blood drips. You could throw blood confetti at the person throwing HK confetti while yelling something along the lines of they shouldn’t be abusing cats ala PETA style.

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