Hello Kitty Nightmare Photo

You know that game where you concentrate on some serene scene or maze and then all of a sudden a scary figure jumps out and scares the bejesuses out of you?

Well, that’s basically how I feel when I open my email from Hello Kitty fanatics (except I cry afterward instead of laugh). The latest in the long series that has done this to me was this photo:

Hello Kitty nightmare photo

Of course, my reaction and my wife’s reaction to this photo weren’t quite the same. While I jumped back falling out of my chair (much like the guy in the video), my wife looked at it, tilted her head a bit wondering what in the world could have made me jump like that from such an “innocent” photo and said, “hmmmm, I think it’s kind of sexy.” If there was ever the tiniest little doubt that I was living in Hello Kitty Hell, it has now completely disappeared…

Sent in by rhonda who deserves to go sleepless until I quit having nightmares about this photo (which should be several months at the earliest) for ever thinking that sending this to me could be a positive action to take…

54 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Nightmare Photo

  1. HAHAHAHAHA! That vid was hilarious!
    The photo? Scary.

    And Darlene? Get a grip. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. In fact? Write your own stupid blog and leave this one alone!!

  2. Again, sex and Hello Kitty do NOT mix!!!!!!!

    It’s pretty much Hello Kitty Porn, except that it is much more disgusting than hardcore porn(which I have seen before, despite the fact that I’m a 21-year old woman)

    By the way, crack is whack and so is darlene

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