Hello Kitty Nightmare Photo

You know that game where you concentrate on some serene scene or maze and then all of a sudden a scary figure jumps out and scares the bejesuses out of you?

Well, that’s basically how I feel when I open my email from Hello Kitty fanatics (except I cry afterward instead of laugh). The latest in the long series that has done this to me was this photo:

Hello Kitty nightmare photo

Of course, my reaction and my wife’s reaction to this photo weren’t quite the same. While I jumped back falling out of my chair (much like the guy in the video), my wife looked at it, tilted her head a bit wondering what in the world could have made me jump like that from such an “innocent” photo and said, “hmmmm, I think it’s kind of sexy.” If there was ever the tiniest little doubt that I was living in Hello Kitty Hell, it has now completely disappeared…

Sent in by rhonda who deserves to go sleepless until I quit having nightmares about this photo (which should be several months at the earliest) for ever thinking that sending this to me could be a positive action to take…

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54 Responses to Hello Kitty Nightmare Photo

  1. Liz says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! That vid was hilarious!
    The photo? Scary.

    And Darlene? Get a grip. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. In fact? Write your own stupid blog and leave this one alone!!

  2. Tamichiko says:

    Again, sex and Hello Kitty do NOT mix!!!!!!!

    It’s pretty much Hello Kitty Porn, except that it is much more disgusting than hardcore porn(which I have seen before, despite the fact that I’m a 21-year old woman)

    By the way, crack is whack and so is darlene

  3. Byrdie says:

    Your wife thinks that Hello Kitty is sexy? 0.o

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