Just when I have about given up hope in Hello Kitty Hell, a photo arrives in my email box that brings a smile to my face. Let’s here a big round of applause for the Hello Kitty pincushion:

Hello Kitty pincushion

Genius! Brilliant! Just what the evil feline needed to accentuate her “cuteness.” Now to figure out a way to convince my wife that every single plus in her collection really would be far more useful as a pin cushion…

Sent in by Jasmine who definitely will get a beer on me if our paths should ever cross…

71 thoughts on “Pincushion

  1. I’m really thinking about taking a pin and shoving it so far up Hello Kitty’s ass and make it so painful that she’ll get to feel the pain that Mr. HKH feels each and every single day………..

    hmmmmmm…………maybe I should do the some to darlene………….nah, I’ll let Mr. HKH do it

  2. That’s not really supposed to be a pincushion, you know… I have that same thing, it’s a small plush keychain. Hate to ruin the fun for ya. ;3 Yes, I’m also a Hello Kitty fanatic, but I do find it amazing how much random HK crap they manage to come up with. Your site is hilarious.

  3. @darlene

    Women can be circumcised? That’s really scary. I thought you were just being a jerk before, but now I feel really sorry for you, darlene. Maybe– and please don’t take this the wrong way– you should take up therapy? Or talk to a pastor or something to get all your feelings out.

  4. You know im looking at all this stuff hoping that every creak i here is not my gf comen in the room to see all this junk.but this im going to show her…oh and it makes me smile whenever i see Darlene freak out about stuff…cuz really why is she everywere….

  5. You know this is one of those HK items which your wife would never use the way it was supposed to be used, don’t you?

  6. well… very late of my behalf, but about that darlene womans comment…

    my grandmother (who happens to be a very sweet and gentle woman) uses a small plush with a smily face on it as a pin cushion…

    im sure that would mean that she has serious psychopathic desires and should be hospitalized hmm?

  7. Oh I’m soo sowi darlene I didn’t know that I’m 11 but I know what circumcission is. But is there really a possible way that women can circumcise? If there is HOW IN HELL could your mother be sooo mean to you! Btw I’m also a HK fanatic and yes I am obbsed with her but I still can’t believe your mum did that to you. Oh and I have a question for u darlene are you Mrs HKH you know you could always tell me ill understand

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