Hello Kitty Coffee

Mornings are never a good time of the day in Hello Kitty Hell since I never know what Hello Kitty themed food might show up in front of me. To combat this, I usually get a cup of coffee and sip it while reading the newspaper to prepare myself for what Hello Kitty food may appear before me. Until this week I always assumed that my coffee would be evil feline free. That is no longer the case since my wife has seen this photo and has set her sight on perfecting Hello Kitty coffee:

Hello Kitty coffee

There is something very wrong in the world when a guy can’t have a cup of black coffee in peace in the morning. I don’t know what is worse. That my wife is going to try and get me to drink a frothy, sugar filled coffee when all I need is caffeine in my system or that Hello Kitty will be staring at me before I’m fully awake. I have a feeling that mornings are going to be quite frightening in Hello Kitty Hell in the weeks to come…

Sent in by Linda who should be forced to drink nothing but these from now on for thinking it could in any way be a positive thing to let my wife see this and help her get the idea that Hello Kitty coffee is something that would be fun to make…

Update: Apparently one way to ruin a cup of coffee is not enough…

hello kitty faces on coffee

Sent in by jinny

Hello Kitty latte coffee

Sent in by Xenaspanky

82 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Coffee

  1. I’m just glad that I drink Pepsi instead of coffee!!!!

    But if Pepsi were to get Hello Kittified, I think we’d all be screwed


    It would take a LOT more than psychiatric help to tame the darlene…………it would be best to just lock her ass up in a windowless cell and permanently destroy the key

  2. for the HK fans who dont know how to make stencils: i will make you a HK stencil for your coffee but it will cost you 😛


  3. @andophiroxia

    Good lord I will eat cup of Natto shaped in a form of Hello Kitty before I drink that ……………………………. crap.

  4. @andophiroxia

    I never thought it was a bad comment. I thought it was brilliant. 😀

    I’ll join if there’s cookies. XD

  5. one more reason not to like coffee that much, the problem is that this appear to have been done to a cappuccino which is the only coffee I might drink.
    But then a good swirl of the spoon in the cup will get rid of kitty real fast.

  6. Guys, I’m now confused. Some of you say “a good swirl of the spoon in the cup will get rid of HK”, but only by getting rid of the milk foam, which is the whole point of drinking cappiccino rather than filter with added milk (NA cream).

  7. @Indiana

    There are. Lots of cookies. Then there’s chocolates (choccies) and I think soda too. Also chips/crisps. Lots of butter and syrup as well. 😛

    Would it be truly the dark side if we had to diet? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  8. That’s a horrible thing to do to coffee! I would not drink that HK-infested crap if my life depended on it.

    And what’s up with all the Darlene sound-alikes? Don’t tell me that delusional freak has cloned herself…

  9. If they do, you know it’ll be [email protected]; espresso machines come in 2 sorts, commercial Gaggias and [email protected] ones!

  10. Drink the kitty and she will be inside you forever and ever and ever.

    on another note I do not think this is a stencil but the some bariastas drawing the kitty by pouring the foam and using sticks to draw hello kitty.

  11. @Action, nope we’re right its a stencil held over the plate and coffe with, what I’m thinking is cinnamon sprinkled over it. It’s an old trick used to decorate cakes.
    You tell its a powder and most likely sprinkled/dashed over it by looking at the plate.

  12. I think you should think positive as a way that you can get some revenge on Hello Kitty- just like what you did to the toilet paper XD

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