Hello Kitty Pirate Zombie Tattoo

First there was the Hello Kitty zombie tattoo (and Hello Kitty zombie tattoo 2). Then came the Hello Kitty pirate tattoo. So was there really any doubt that eventually there would be a Hello Kitty pirate zombie tattoo (or should it be called a Hello Kitty zombie pirate tattoo)?

Hello Kitty pirate zombie tattoo

Either way, can somebody seriously please make it stop!

Sent in by aisling who has already punished herself far more than I could ever wish upon her for sending this photo to me by permanently placing these on her flesh…

112 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pirate Zombie Tattoo

  1. Well, Hot Topic had the pirate kitty’s awhile back, and after Potc 3 came out, Sanrio had a line of piratical HK. For “potc” heads, it’s pretty cute. Rob Zombie seems to like piratical themes as well, cross culture crossover I take it?

  2. why is it that the tattoo blogs seem to have to most heated arguments? Whoever got this tatooo kutos to you for having the guts to get tattooed

  3. After a short break, Silent Bob is back to insult the really really stupid……… a.k.a Hello Kitty Fans.
    Where can i start ???
    How about the simple concept of ” why would you paint something on your body that you wouldnt hang on your wall?”
    And lets not forget about the regret, that is the thing you feel when you finally come down off what ever you were on when you did this dumbass thing……
    People should have their limbs removed for this sort of thing!!!!!!

  4. Uh, gut/initial reactions – kinda cute tats, kinda gross on your knees.
    SBob – I reckon this person’s wall is COVERED unless at home/rented/not allowed accommodation.

  5. WTF!!!!!! you guys are fighting over stupid things really very mature!!! how old are we 10???? Hope you guys dont have kids if you do what a great example you are setting for them

  6. hey they are my tattoos and i can’t even decide whether i love hello kitty or not, which is why 1 is a zombie and 1 is a pirate because i definately am obsessed zombies and pirates

    they are shiny and red due to vaseline and due to it being took on the day it was done

    i drew the tattoos and i am happy with them, they are on my body so get over it

    they are in proportion because i traced the same picture when i drew in the extra bits

    and because it is not easy to see where they are, they are positioned above my knees on the back of my legs

    so when i am old no one can see them!

  7. OMg people are always saying what about when you get old
    who cares by that time i wont even know my name so why not live in the moment when a tat looks cute who cares what its gonna look like when your older you’ll have the memories and no be saying what if…

  8. not all people get fault lines in their skin when they age my gma is like 75 and her skin has a couple wrinkles her skin is still smooth no lie so it depends on genes as well

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