Hello Kitty Online Game Trailer

Yep, this pretty much typifies what I imagine Hell looks like (warning: you don’t want to watch it – spare yourself the trauma and move onto something else. You’ll save yourself from numerous nightmares in the nights to come).

I warned you…

Sent in by far too many people than is healthy to even know about the evil feline including the people at Sanrio Digital who truly deserved to be banished to this game for life for even coming up with the concept…

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58 Responses to Hello Kitty Online Game Trailer

  1. herehere says:


  2. Lea r eynolds says:

    Hello Kitty is so cool,and I just love it,who can’t stand it is wicked a’en’t it man. Quality. The first time I played the game was the race against the roller sKaters.

    I Realy enjoyed reading your comments…………………………………..

  3. fern says:

    wow it was so cutesy it made me uncomfortable and kinda sick…….i beg of u hackers plz take it down….

  4. Sharon says:

    Is everybody who has this game diabetic now or what? Bleeeah.

    I know I’ve seen online flash games of shooting moving photos of real kittens or catapulting cartoon kittens, so let’s hope someone does the world a real service and makes a shoot ‘em up Hello Kitty game soon.

  5. lilypop says:

    Whoooop! I am a Founders Beta tester of that game! It’s amazing-there’s alot more to it then that dumb trailer says! ^^ I will email screenshots to you and burn your eyes off you evil Hello Kitty hater!!! :P

  6. lilypop says:

    BTW: It’s free and I think 2000-5000 people were playing it I am unsure of the figures.

  7. JackieD says:

    omg it looks awesome, im off to download it now!
    i didnt really know who hello kitty was until i found this site, thankyou :D

  8. Kyonshi says:

    I don’t even know what to say… I do have a few HK items, but I actually never would have thought that people could be this fanatic about HK :x
    HK is cute in VERY SMALL doses, but this blog scares the living shit out of me, seriously.
    I’m a girl, I play online games, but never in hell if I’ll play this crappy shit.. Oh and Darlene sweetie, if you read this… I love your comments, because they prove that there really are insane people in the world. HK doesn’t have “her own personality”, she is a product, made to make money for people who wanna get filthy rich of fanatic fangirls like yourself… Please develop a brain and open your eyes to reality X_x

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