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Hello Kitty Desk

You really don’t know Hello Kitty Hell until a true Hello Kitty fanatic is in your presence on a daily basis. Imagine, for instance, that you had a co-worker that was a Hello Kitty fanatic. You might be saying to yourself, “oh, I know someone that likes the evil feline” but they really aren’t a Hello Kitty fanatic unless they have decorated their desk like this:

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Hello Kitty Costume Gone Horribly Wrong

There are way too many people that dress up as Hello Kitty, but Hello Kitty costumes take on new dimensions of horror when they interpret the evil feline like this:

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Hello Kitty MBA Hell

I get all kinds of strange emails linking Hello Kitty with anything you can dream of. You know that the world is nearing the end when MBA students are getting college credit for studying Hello Kitty. You know that I’m in the middle of the Hello Kitty Hell tsunami when those students write to me for help with their project: We are a group of first year full time MBA students in UC Irvine doing a big marketing project on … Continue reading

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The Colbert Report: “It Makes You Poop Hello Kitties”

When Stephen Colbert endorsed Barack Obama on The Colbert Report, he made the distinction that there is a difference between endorsing and supporting : There are plenty of things out there that you can endorse, but not do anything to support. For instance, in Japan, I endorse a very popular energy drink called Pow Yong Power Jogging now juice. But I would never drink it. It makes you poop Hello Kitties. You can see it at 4:55

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Hello Kitty Cheeky Tattoo 2

Sometimes I get up, open my email and realize that it would just be better to crawl back into the Hello Kitty futon and sleep for the entire week. This is the problem with Hello Kitty fanatics. They do things like get a tattoo of Hello Kitty on their ass and then send me a photo of it completely ruining my eating for the rest of the week since I can’t keep any food down. But that is not enough. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Hello Kitty! Ouch…

In celebration of Hello Kitty’s 34th birthday (kind of sad I have this information in my brain – by the way, aren’t cats supposed to die after 15 years or so?) I figured I should show what the evil feline means to me…

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