NSFW: Hello Kitty Cheeky Tattoo

I am always afraid when I get an email that indicates that there is a Hello Kitty tattoo inside. There have just been far too many Hello Kitty tattoo that pretty much confirm that things are not right in the world. That is exactly the feeling that overwhelmed me when I took a look at this:

Hello Kitty cheeky tattoo

Hello Kitty butt tattoo

It’s not the fact that the actual Hello Kitty tattoo is as bad as some of the others out there (it’s a sure sign you live in Hello Kitty Hell when you can actually rank the awfulness of Hello Kitty tattoos because you have become so familiar with them), but that having to see it on a man’s hairy ass early in the morning (trust me, you really don’t want to click on the photos to get an extreme close-up unless you are on a fasting diet this week) pretty much ensures that you aren’t going to be eating a whole lot during the day.

Of course, to my wife sees this as proof that there are men out there that truly love the evil feline to which she can compare my total lack of devotion and question why I can’t be more like them — which pretty much ensures that it’s going to be one Hello Kitty Hellish weekend…

Sent in by Colin who I should wish horrendous and terrible things upon for thinking that ever sending me a photo like this could produce any good in the world, but the fact that that is going to be on his butt for life is far worse punishment than I could ever conceive…

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  1. @mhkitty06
    It is nto a fat finger with me but a learning disability cuppled with a mis diganosis. I was fuctionlly illetrate into adulthood. The probm is I am unabl to reedit comments. Some times it t taks 10 trys to get one pargrph right .Please apient with em.


    It is not a fat finger with me but a learning disability coupled with a misdiagnosis. I was functionally illiterate into adulthood. The problem is I an unable to edit comments; some times it takes 10 tries to get one paragraph right. Please patient with me.
    Yes I tried many consolers and edition options. It seem I hit a plateau, unlike TV some do not ever overcome their disability by accommodate their life around it. For me I do not write anything by hand.

  2. @ mhkitty
    Way to put everyone in their place! ;)Though 80’s HK does have some similar characteristics to a hooker, I doubt she would make much money with her lack there of boobs and mouth lol…

    Any Who as for the picture, I think it’s hilarious!! Whether it’s a fake or not, it is still very comical to see a big HK on a grown mans butt… I find this to be much like toilet humor, at times inappropriate but you can’t help but laugh :)

    @ Catherine
    I just bought Harajuku “baby G” sent on Friday!! I couldn’t resist the cuteness of the fat headed bottles!! Mimi tried to eat her :(

  3. Acton:
    Dude, I wasn’t calling you out or making a snide comment, I was just stating a fact.
    A) some people can’t understand the comments and B) for others there is a things called spell check.

    Basically everyone should use this rule: If you don’t want people to misinterpret what you write, double check and proofread before you post.

    No harm, no foul, m’kay?

  4. I can’t tell what’s more disgusting. The guy with the tat on his ass or the guy that GOT the tat on his ass. DAmnit that’s gross. hahahahah

  5. MHK and Acton, pretty much agreed with everything you’ve both said dateline 27th October.

    Acton, do you suffer from a form of dyslexia, or something else?

  6. I think that what scares me the most is that this guy felt it necessary to strip totally naked for someone to take a picture of his arse. Couldn’t he have just yanked down his pants, or something?


  7. EEEEEEWWWWW! I can’t believe he sent you a pic of his butt! That’s so wrong!

    Of course, the good side is if this is anythong like the pics of Vanessa Anne Hudgens from High School Musical, he’ll never be able to live it down. >:D

  8. Oh and of course I had to press SUPAH CLOSE UP, after you told me not to. Argh, that is just too narsty fer words! The tat is adorable and well done. But, that just doesn’t belong on this white boy’s A$$.
    If my gay friends saw this, they’d have the same reaction. This is just unpleasant. I hope this sick weirdo who sent this to you really DOES burn in Hellokitty Hell. Nasty, Nasty, nasty.

  9. This man should not have bothered to shave his hind end and simply pinned a horse tail on top — with a big red bow around it like Eeyore! Very funny! I think I know who’s behind that is and he should have better photography equipment than that . . .

  10. Some long time since I wrote that! I shouldn’t say this, but I think it’s Robert Downey Jr.s hindparts (just kidding).
    And another big HELLO KITTY from Sanriotown where Hello Kitty is adored and respected except for by goth girls.
    This guy should have Goth Hello Kitty Tatooed on the other butt cheek, right?

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