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You really don’t know Hello Kitty Hell until a true Hello Kitty fanatic is in your presence on a daily basis. Imagine, for instance, that you had a co-worker that was a Hello Kitty fanatic. You might be saying to yourself, “oh, I know someone that likes the evil feline” but they really aren’t a Hello Kitty fanatic unless they have decorated their desk like this:

Hello Kitty desk

Imagine having to look at that desk every day you come into work. Now imagine that kind of Hello Kitty coverage over your entire house and having to live there 24/7/365. That is what I live with. My wife calls it Hello Kitty Heaven (and after seeing this photo has decided that we just may need some more Hello Kitty in our house), but I imagine that if you are part of the population that hasn’t been served the Hello Kitty Kool Aid, you get an inkling of what Hello Kitty Hell is like…

Sent in by Cinomed who should have to work at a desk like this for the rest of her life as punishment for thinking for even a split second that showing me something like this could ever be a good idea…

Update: If someone in your office is proud of their Hello Kitty cubicle, it might be time to look for a new job:

hello kitty cubicle

Sent in by Sibel

64 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Desk

  1. btw….. it’s not funny to joke about hk being god an angel maybe……. but that go’s into idolism…..not right…..i’m all for atheism(SPL?) but ppl who worship hk ….dumb….and trust me i love hk but she’s not a god she’s an adorable cartoon….

  2. @ emily hello kitty’s truest fan

    You’re so totally right. Now that I take a look at it I realize that this desk is a Tacky display at best.

  3. @emily hello kitty’s truest fan

    you can get hello kitty wrapping paper at walmart and target in the birthday wrapping paper section for sure and i think at walmart you can get christmas hello kitty wrapping paper

    i dont rlly even like hello kitty, i just have an (almost) photographic memory so I remember stuff like that…. i also figure that so many hello kitty lovers come to this site i might as well make SOMEBODY happy….ive decided ill make at least 1 person happy everyday and i figure if i tell the HK lovers where to find HK stuff im filling my make-person-happy quota for the day

  4. Having her cubicle draped with the bed canopy is not nearly so disturbing as having a piece of crap Avaya phone sitting on her desk. You know we love your site for all the other cool HK stuff we never see anywhere else, right? 😀

  5. I vote Hello Kitty for President!! She’s got so much supporters and she doesn’t even have a mouth to pursuade…Talk about leadership…LOL!

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