Over 500 Hello Kitty Items Gone!

Back in July I asked all of you to comment on a post to help me get rid of 200 Hello Kitty items by leaving a comment on the post. The deal was that if the thread got over 1000 comments, my wife would donate 200 of her Hello Kitty items to a local orphanage that I collect presents for here in Japan. If the thread failed to reach 1000, I had to take my wife on a Hello Kitty trip without complaining. Luckily, you all came through and there were a total of 1,219 comments left.

Last weekend we ended up gathering up all the items for the orphanage. We asked what the kids wanted most and the request was for plush and for small items like pencils, notebooks and key-chain holders that they could use at school. We ended up giving more than 300 Hello Kitty plush away along with 200 of the smaller items that the kids had requested meaning that over 500 Hello Kitty themed goods left my house!!

Hello Kitty Plush

Hello Kitty plush giveaway

Hello Kitty plush for kids

The sad part? It didn’t even leave a dent in the amount of Hello Kitty crap that exists here. You would figure that if 500 items of anything left a house, you would be able to notice the difference, but that simply is not the case when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

I’d just like to take a quick moment to thank everyone who took the time to comment to help out the kids. It’s very much appreciated. Their Christmas show will be on the 22nd of this month which both my wife and I will attend and when they will be presented with big bags from Santa filled with the toys that we and others have donated. Your effort will surely bring smiles to all their faces…

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  1. mhkitty06: I need to try to contact her, I suspect many sellers are going to abandon the store model because changes EBay made, many of the are not popular like only accepting PayPal.

  2. Thank you for what you did. Thats wonderful, I wish I could see all of those happy kids when they recieved the gifts! Lucky you that you get to experience that. Honestly its a wonderful thing you have done!
    Take care!

  3. @emily


    This is not attacking you, is this some sort of new slang? I don’t know what country you are from, as I remember you are not a native English speaker.

    @Hello Kitty Hell

    My kind regards to you and your wife. It’s an absolutely lovely thing that you guys did. πŸ˜€

    Hell, I feel like we all had a part in this. πŸ˜‰

  4. That’s fantastic :)
    I hope it becomes an annual event (but then maybe she’ll buy more with it in mind that she’ll be giving a bunch of stuff away)

    Have a great kitty free christmas :)

  5. here is my take if you are interested.
    It is a great thing that you are donating toys for children to love given that they are lonely and need something to really give their love to.
    Children are our future and if you can bring a smile to their faces it is all worth it. the down side is that you will be training a whole new generation to join the church of Sanrio. Their motto has always been leave your donations at the cash register.
    never the less, well done

    ** yes you can be shocked… Silent bob said something good about the Evil K**

    Merry Christmas to all

  6. Awesome.

    Not only is getting all that crap out of your house a good thing, but giving it to those kids makes it great.

    I agree with a few of those other comments though… what do we have to do to convince your wife to donate everything to charity?

  7. This is why people need to stop telling HKH to get a divorce. You’re wife minus HK obsession of DEATH = Pretty epic, it seems.

  8. Ah thats a beautiful site…demon kitties on their way out ^_^ *though if THAT didn’t leave a dent I’d seriously hate to see the rest of your house dude D= *

    There’s no point telling him to get a divorce…anyone who still sticks around despite practically swiming in that crap for even a day clearly deaply loves his wife

  9. You took 500 of my books and DVDs and donated them to charity, anyone who’d visited my house “before and after” would notice, and since I don’t live in Japan I probably have more house for them to occupy!

  10. @ando
    smexi means like super sexi or mega sexi yes indeed it is slang. I happen to like the word a lot……

  11. for a non feline loving horror that was an extremely nice thing for you to do… and your wife as well- it must have been a bit gut wrenching for her.

    kudos to you both. nice to hear about people making a difference in their areas.


  12. You know all this time I rather thought you were exaggerating. I thought perhaps you just lumped together the HK items for that pic in your bathroom. Now I realize that it was just a defense mechanism because looking into your actual HKH would cause my mind to collapse. I’m sorry for doubting you, you poor soul.

  13. now i finally understand y u hate hello kitty so much
    happiness shld be share, tell ur wife to share ur hello kitty happiness every yr so everyone will be happy:p

  14. I’m a hello kitty fan….but i try to keep it to a min for the sake of my bf. the sad thing is that she ONLY got rid of stuffed animals. My bf read this and tried to get me to make a similar deal, sayin i had over 100 items, but we could only come up with about 50 items overall (a few he gave me and most are small). I have to say, as a girl, that hello kitty is very appealing to us, and so it really is hard to not love her.

  15. I think most of these kids won’t associate HK with happiness, but with the few stuff they ever had in their lives when they were little.

    And associate this with the crappy life they had.

    I think you’ll get more people for your cause.

  16. You should point out to your wife how hello kitty LOVES children, and just how generous hello kitty is! So “full of love, compassion, an generosity” that hello kitty herself would donate ALL the hello kitty items to the orphanage! To help those poor unfortunate children!! ((And you!!))

  17. OMG! I would have cried IF my husband made me donate my stuffs. I would donate other things but not my Hello Kitty… BUT it was a wonderful thing you did for the childrens! ^.^

  18. For gods sake you have FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR too much hello kitty stuff. ya know, you should have given them all to ME

  19. Maybe somebody tell me.
    Where do you get those dolls?
    I live in the Netherlands so I’m not sure where to look.
    I hope so you have answers for my.

  20. Thats so nice of your wife and you, especially of your wife

    but aren’t you making MORE hello kitty fans with the donations?

  21. Aw! What a great thing you guys did! I’m proud to see your wife actually went through with it. You know, you could set up a museum and have people pay to come see your house. (snicker, giggle). Next year maybe you could do two orphanages and a relief donation. Some country this year will need it. Oh !! Or, you could donate them to the sheriff’s office, they need toys when they have to comfort kids when they take them and something has happened??? That would be cool too!!!

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