Hello Kitty Lawnmower

Although I have suspected it for some time, I am now convinced that there is a special unit at Sanrio that makes Hello Kitty items with the sole purpose being to irritate the hell out of the significant others of Hello Kitty fanatics. In fact, it would not surprise me if they have it nicknamed the “Hello Kitty Hell” department and basically start each day with the mantra, “How can we make Mr. HKH’s life even more miserable?” I have come to this conclusion because there is no possible way that something like the Hello Kitty lawnmower would ever come into existence without such a department:

Hello Kitty lawnmower

I already know that there can absolutely be nothing less manly and more embarrassing that this piece of machinery. Imagine the reaction I’ll get when walking outside on a sunny Sunday afternoon with all the neighborhood men on their industrial strength power riding lawn mowers cutting grass as they turn in my direction to see the pink Hello Kitty lawnmower contraption? Yep, that pretty much sums up how I feel on a daily basis in Hello Kitty Hell…

Even worse, I will likely be able to soon confirm this as fact as my wife thinks the Hello Kitty lawnmower is something that we should definitely have since it is “soooooo adorably cute!”

Maybe I’ll get lucky and run over my foot the first day out and have the blades grind it to bits because that would be infinitely less painful than having to go out weekly and mow the lawn with a Hello Kitty lawnmower. Ah, the things you get to look forward to in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Jodie who should have to mow her own lawn for the rest of her life with one of these for ever thinking that sending me a photo like this could result in anything good…

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31 Responses to Hello Kitty Lawnmower

  1. Hikaroo says:

    I wonder if I could convince my husband to use that… But only because we live on a Navy base… XD

    They really DO think up the strangest things.

  2. andophiroxia says:

    Ok Fanatics:

    You know when you buy something like this you will HAVE to use it instead of it taking up space in the garage you have gathering dust–Although I am sure you have gotten or made a custom HK dust cover for it. It’s something so big, so ulitarian that you would have to muck it up with staining grass clippings. If you don’t want it stained, you will have to go and METICULOUSLY clean every bit of it, and even then you may not be successful. Plus, you will have to deal with gasoline and other corrosive, flammable, as well as intensely grimy stuff in order to clean and maintain it anyway.

    For all the work it would take, would it be worth it? Probably not, since you may have to maintain all your other kitty crap in the domicile you live in: car, washing machines, sewing machines, waffle machine, coffee machine, I could go on, et all.

    I am usually not one to give crap to people on what they spend money on, but this is about as worthless as a 24k golden toilet I saw in either Taiwan or Hong Kong in a hotel.

  3. Jaime says:

    WHOA! i’m starting to agree with you on this whole conspiracy thing! i am a Hello Kitty fan and i have never even touched a lawn mower.

    but you could be wrong. they might be making these things to SAVE you! they might think your wife would be so excited to see a hello kitty lawnmower that she’d want to mow the lawn instead. of course, there are some things that no matter how cute they are, there is no way she’d do it. my fiance could buy me 10 of them and i still wouldn’t mow the lawn! hahaha!

  4. Angel says:

    As obsessive as I THOUGHT I was, I wouldn’t buy that. Just saw a single sized Hello Kitty Duvet set for £60 and thought ‘like hell would I buy it for half the price’… Am I becomming… Sane?

    I’ll just stick to the clothes and stationary… Maybe a Hello Kitty AK47 for when the zombies infest… Hopefully it’ll scare them away before using up bullets.

  5. Liz S. says:

    No way would that work efficiently.

  6. Bre-Bre says:

    This is just taking it tooooooo far. I love Hello Kitty, but I’m too young to have my own house, let alone a lawn mower!

  7. Christine says:

    At least you can rampage through the neighborhood, running people over with your HK lawnmower, because it’s cute.

  8. sansicarus says:

    Are we sure that’s actually life-size? Could it just be a toy from a Hello Kitty dollhouse?

  9. RenaissanceGrrl says:

    Surely it would fall under the liquor and chocolate principle–ie, you wouldn’t be allowed to actually USE it! It’d get filthy!

  10. Acton says:

    Used to make haello Kitty Crop Circles.

    Still I fell this is a fake and poorly done one. There no need to post fake photo shops MR. HKH.

  11. Heather says:

    Why not make the fanatic mow the lawn-it’s perfect for chick’s!

  12. Maybe your wife would like it so much that she would be the one using it.

    One can hope, right?

  13. Lisa says:

    Looks incredibly Photoshopped if you ask me.

    Notice how the HK doll dangling from the lawn mower handle is fuzzier and more blurry than the rest of the picture.

    The main HK face on the lawn mower engine is also highly distorted.

    Also noticed that the pink stuff on the HK wheels aren’t proportionate with the wheel size.

  14. Kitteh!! says:

    My first thought was WTF!!!?

    After reading the comments I’d say Lisa’s right and it’s a bad Fotochop! Hint guys; if you must do Fotochops, try doing things like getting wheel centres the same size and orientation as the tyres!

  15. Sharon says:

    Well I hope to Hello Kitty Hell it IS photoshopped! What the Hello Kitty Hell next with they come up with?

  16. deidre says:

    it looks photo shoped

  17. Catherine says:

    I’m buying one for my lawn man.

  18. Satan wears pink says:

    I am so happy I don’t live in your hell. At least I don’t annoy my husband with pink crap, I just annoy him with all things associated with skulls. Good luck man :)

  19. Binks says:

    I think if Mrs. HKH thinks it is so damn cute, maybe she should be out doing the mowing. I am usually neutral in most HK items, but no way you’d catch me mowing with that.

  20. ling2 says:

    I hope you (and everyone else) realise that MAC and Sanrio are bringing together my love for HK and makeup really soon!!!! The new Hello Kitty Collections (color and kouture) will be out in February in the US and for those in other parts of the world (like the UK) won’t get it until March. So you have a month (or two!) to get yourself ready, Mr HKH :D
    Kittylove xXx

  21. FL Mom says:

    It looks like an electric lawn mower which, to add insult to injury, doesn’t even sound like a real mower. It’s like vacuuming your lawn. Silliness.

  22. drscanlon says:

    I’m getting flashbacks to when she bought you the emasculating HK putter…. oh the ridicule.
    perhaps you could use it to slice up all the other HK merchandise around your place?

  23. Jodie says:


    Nope, it’s full size. i was unfortunate enough to actually come upon one! It’s even more hideous that in the picture.

  24. michelle says:

    it actually cuts grass? =.=;

  25. Yukie says:

    i have to say, they do go a little far with some of the stuff they slap hello kitty on, but hey, its the japanese, they love cute.

  26. jlw says:

    All I can say is that I purchased a Hello Kitty Toaster on sale from Target and it is the best toaster ever. I’ve purchashed many toasters over the years but this is the best. It actually works and doesn’t catch on fire. Hello Kitty rules.

  27. Elvee Kaye says:

    Well, if your wife wants to buy this, you should let her, but only on the stipulation–in writing, signed by seven witnesses–that SHE has to mow the lawn every week. Oh, and it can’t be kept in the garage with the REAL tools.

  28. maikitty says:

    wow ..so excited to have this ya :D~

  29. Denise says:

    Alright! Where can I buy this!

  30. theconflictedone says:


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