Domo Kun + Hello Kitty: Domokitty

Once again the true nature of Hello Kitty fanatics arrived in my email box. Because Hello Kitty fanatics have this strange concept that Hello Kittifying absolutely everything somehow makes whatever has been Hello Kittified cute (hint: it doesn’t), the world end up with disasters like Domokitty:


While I could go on and on as to why this is just wrong, the scariest part is that I know that by the end of the year, someone is going to send me a photo of this as their tattoo. Just that thought pretty much ensures that 2009 will continue to carry on the Hello Kitty Hellishness of past years…

Sent in by faller (via domokitty) who should have to walk around with the thing (and possibly get a tattoo) for the rest of her life for thinking even for one instant that showing me something like this could ever be considered a good idea…

Update: One would assume that one of these horrendous combos would be enough for the world, but then that would be greatly underestimating the fanaticism of Hello Kitty fanatics:

hello kitty domokitty

Sent in (and made by) Rhiannon

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47 Responses to Domo Kun + Hello Kitty: Domokitty

  1. Rhianimator says:

    It does give Hello Kitty what she’s always wanted. A mouth with which to devour your soul, and teeth to rend you into tiny pieces like some kind of piranha of cuteness.

  2. andophiroxia says:

    I think it’s cool. However, I like adorably cute objects that have demon-like sharp teeth at the same time, so I’m probably not the one to speak of.

    I can’t believe it’s $36. O_o

  3. Ami Lyanxel says:

    Oh wow!
    Hello Kitty naked! :O
    I mean…I like Hello Kitty…but this has gone too far…they just killed Domokun’s awesomeness :/

  4. Catherine says:

    It’s weird?!

  5. moriyah says:

    @Rhianimator: Awesome!

    Kitty has defiled the ever cute Domokun… so sad. :(

  6. Klarissa says:

    That is so cute!! ^-^

  7. FL Mom says:

    LOL! Funny hybrid. It would make a cute iPod cover.

  8. Satan wears pink says:

    Hello Kitty is now giving the goth’s a bad name. “Bad kitty bad”!

  9. Acton says:

    waht teh problem Mr. HKH

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  11. sansicarus says:

    And just what is this strange mutant saying?



  12. Kitteh!! says:

    Whatever this is, it’s not cute, or even very attractive looking!

  13. Kelly says:

    Is it real or photoshop?

  14. Bre-Bre says:

    I think that’s photoshop. This THING is just scary

  15. Jaime says:

    but if you buy it all the money goes to the humane society! i think that is awesome! and if i had extra cash i would have totally bid on it.

  16. Liz S. says:

    I thought HK didn’t have a mouth…

  17. Min says:

    Blimey, it’s had 23 bids on Ebay and it still has five days to go! (ps.It’s kind of cute..)

  18. Magic Smoothie says:

    This confuses me to no end.

  19. Jesse says:

    Who would take an awesome concept like Domo Kun and regress it to a state of pseudo-cuteness? Hello Kitty is creepy. I’m probably the only 18-year old girl in the world who thinks so.
    I feel like a fish out of water when I go into friends’ rooms and there are plushes and pictures and little plastic thingamabobs creeping me out.
    But it totally is creepy.

  20. Tracie says:

    Eh, it’s actually kind of cute, but not $120 cute for something that I’d just stick in my cubicle. The proceeds are going to HSUS rather than ASPCA, and HSUS are suspicious in their practices so even in a beer-induced stupor I wouldn’t go for it. it was a nice gesture though.

  21. marie says:

    I want that. Too expensive though!

  22. sazz says:

    actual megalolz.

  23. kel says:

    that is so wicked! Too bad it’s so expensive otherwise I’d opt to get one.

  24. Julene says:

    Nothing like seeing an ex’s handiwork on the internet. Goddamn artists.

  25. Jackie says:

    NO!!!!!!! DOMO’S AWESOMENESS IS RUINED!!!!!!!!!!

  26. hayley says:


  27. zee says:

    “I’m probably the only 18-year old girl in the world who thinks so.”

    u r so not alone. im not 18, but i soo understand. my bffs would practically kill for hello kitty crap. hk is taking over the world. i mean they even sell her at hot topic. grr. *angry*

  28. Julene says:

    For the record sweetie, Faller’s a dude. Not a chick like you were so desperately hoping.

  29. killerkitty says:

    hum, Domo and Hello kitty son ? Could’nt be used as a pillow ?

    Indeed it’s who would sleep on a hello kitty monster mouth ?

  30. mhkitty06 says:

    So this has actually grown on me, I hung it up at work and had to explain to coworkers what it was… they were like ‘wtf’ is that and why do you have it up if you like HK so much?

  31. Pree says:

    i like domo, and i like hk….but this….scariest toy ever….

  32. STACInotSCENE says:

    I love domo better than domo kitty
    stupid copy catxP

  33. sabree says:

    I like domo and hello kitty. My boyfriend loves Domo, i love hello kitty. This is a perfect union of the two. While it is scary to many, i find it rather kawaii. <3

  34. lolsauce says:

    It seems that Domokitty is trying to say that she wants to devour our hearts.

  35. ariey says:

    Omg I love domo and hello kitty. I think this is a cute mixture lol but the teeth are weird.

  36. Bri says:

    open your eyes peoples! that thing is creeepy!

  37. Anonymous says:

    At least they didn’t HKify Hamtaro.


  38. MandaB says:

    It made me smile when I first saw it.
    I saw it and automatically thought of the haggard ass noise it would make lol

  39. kimmy says:

    where can i buy domokitty!?

  40. Marty Wright says:

    You cant buy it. It was a one of a kind auction off on ebay.

  41. daisy says:

    omg i soo want one!! domo kitty!!

  42. gG says:

    how dare u hk!! domo is awesom compared 2 u!!!

  43. sarahi says:

    i really love hello kitty

  44. Karly says:

    omg ive been dying to find one does anyone know where i could find one ? it beyond adorable

  45. ToastedRainbow says:

    that’s just creepy.

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