Hello Kitty Crocs

Some things were never meant to be made. Hello Kitty was one such thing. Crocs were another. So was there ever really any doubt that the two would be combined to create Hello Kitty crocs?

Hello Kitty crocs pink

Hello Kitty crocs white

Hello Kitty crocs

It’s not often that adding Hello Kitty onto some product doesn’t make it significantly worse, but this could be an exception. That’s not to say that Hello Kitty adds anything positive to this equation, just that crocs are already so bad that even the evil feline has trouble making them significantly worse (although she made a valiant attempt to do so).

The problem, of course, is that even though my wife has never been a fan of crocs fashion, she now thinks that we both need a pair. Trying to explain that it’s taken far less than a grown man wearing pink crocs emblazoned with the evil feline to have them committed for insanity (or to commit suicide) doesn’t seem to hold any sway on her determination to get us both a pair. Yet another thing to deal with in the ever growing depths of Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by far too many people that seem to like both Hello Kitty and crocs for anyone to feel safe with the current lot of humans on earth. The simple fact that they all like both of these makes it irrelevant that I wish any punishment on them because the mere fact that they do like both means they have already done far more punishment to themselves than they are ever likely to realize…

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33 Responses to Hello Kitty Crocs

  1. Marlene says:

    Your wife is absolutely right. You have issues if you think wearing some kind of shoes would harm you.

    Plus, I’m sure they’d go great with all the Hello Kitty clothes that you have.

  2. kittyluv says:

    The second pair is cute, actually. Marlene, shut up. Why would a grown man want to wear these in public, or anywhere? No one on this blog appreciates you so you might as well leave. Everyone is just laughing at how pathetic you are, and of course you would wake up this early just so that you could go on a blog you don’t like. Get a life and get a hobby because the only thing you do is sit on the computer and you are either Mr. HKH’s wife or Darlene, because the three of you annoy everyone.

  3. Sharon says:

    Tell your wife you’re a Big Boy now and you can choose your own clothes.

  4. Laiane says:

    Tell your wife you’re worried about getting maimed by escalators. Have her go to snopesDOTcom and search “escalator croc.” If they come out with Hello Kitty steel-toed boots, you’re in trouble, though.

  5. Hana says:

    Yeah, these shoes are definitely dangerous in that if you vomit too much, your throat starts bleeding. I’m feeling some of it right now.
    These are gross and you should avoid them like the plague. In fact, pretend they are the plague and have a panic attack every time you’re near one.

  6. Hello Kitty says:

    No! I cannot kittify this object! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  7. MandaB says:

    Oh god… It’s of hell!

  8. Katie says:

    Lol, honestly my friend told me about this site and its alot more hilarious than I thought (no offense I know this is your own personal hell and all)! But yeah, crocs are pretty horrible (though my aunt says when your too pregnant to see your feet you don’t care) but atleast Hello Kitty makes them kinda cuter.

  9. Harriet says:

    I want a pair.

    lol you should see the HK shoes we get here in the UK, there’s a pair of HK crocs-like sandals (I nearly bought them, but then I saw blue HK flip-flops and was like “They look better”)

  10. Luty says:

    I love HK, but I HATE crocs…even loving kitty I would never use this thing

  11. danigirl says:

    crocs are the most hideous thing to ever come to footwear so of course HK had to emblazon herself upon them… much like I said earlier if it exists the feline will find a way to brand herself upon it

  12. acton says:

    I will leave this to the females.
    You post about your wife wanting to buy you a pair seen to give credence to the possibility you over exaggeration about your wife’s obsession. This is unless your wife wants to dress you in Hello Kitty drag; I do no think Croc makes a male Hello Kitty shoe.

    I throw, a la Arabic insult, a Hello Kitty shoe in your direction.

  13. kenzington says:

    so, do these only come in kids sizes??? sometimes they do that…and then, mr. hkh, you will be off the hook!!

  14. Bernard says:

    kittyluv, noone on this blog appreciates Marlene?
    “Plus, I’m sure they’d go great with all the Hello Kitty clothes that you have.”

  15. Tansy says:

    I think Hello Kitty improved them… only because there’s only one way Crocs can go, and that’s up.

  16. Christy says:

    I live in Hong Kong and there is a whole shopful of these Hello Kitty Crocs right across Times Square. I walked pass that shop yesterday thinking your wife might like them, and see, I was right!

    I feel sorry for you though, as usual.

  17. Friedrich says:

    Its a WONDERFUL tool for expression, as Arabs threw shoes at Gorge Bush to show their extreme displeasure with some of his policies, it made a statement, without hurting someone too much as those were still hard soled leather shoes, with a real heel…….

    Im not up on the latest customs but it DOES occur to me that pelting someone with a nice SOFT “Hello Kitty” clog would carry LESS of a risk of injury to the target, convey the basic message of disapproval, and yet also could even be use to convey a somewhat LESS angry message useful in more minor situations , like when your mechanic, or Grocer overcharges you, etc….

    It also can imply MORE extreme dislike too in the sense that if a politician is being pelted with hello Kitty Clogs, by angry 6 year old girls, 1- he looks like hes REALLY screwed up SOMETHING, 2 – if if he prosecutes a 6 cute innocent looking 6 year old girl for throwing a Hello kitty shoe at him it only results in more publicity for her, & him looking like a complete Jackass………

    Also somehow the Idea of throwing hello Kitty products has probably occurred to Mr Hello kitty hell before, but at a wall, in a NON political statement about his frustration with Hello Kitty, instead of as a means of expression on other issues…..

  18. Gail says:

    Crocs are the most hideous shoes on the planet anyway, so they can’t get much worse even with Hello Kitty on them. Barf.

  19. Liz says:

    Those things seem uncomfotable enough without the cat on ‘em.

  20. kdakota says:

    Not only are crocs ugly, but they cause foot fungus if they are not cleaned with rubbing alcohol regularly, and they also cause fallen arches if worn too often. Whoever came up with crocs needs to be shot, and whoever came up with Hello Kitty crocs needs to be shot twice.

  21. Aleigh says:

    I just died a little inside.

  22. acton says:

    With all the smack of MR HKH Jihad against the cute one, throwing a Hello Kitty shoe at him fits. Shoeing might add to his hell and embarrassment. ;)

  23. Anti-Darlene says:

    And to think that people liked these without this big-headed white cat smeared on them. Whoever wants these has an issue. No one likes Hello Kitty (who would ever worship something that doesn’t have a mouth??) so why the heck would you want to go out in public or anywhere and put these on?? It’s like sticking pins all over your body. But that’s nothing compared to going a day wearing these rubber rags on your feet. Sanrio makes a LOT of crap these days you know . . .

  24. onefishtwofish says:

    You’re right, nothing can make crocs any WORSE. Aren’t crocs good for nurses, though?

  25. Jere' says:

    The design is adorable but I do not like crocs
    they make me mad when I see them

  26. Lynn says:

    I also don’t like Crocs, even with HK on them…they seem to be the new version of Birkenstocks. Lazy, laid back and hippyish.

    Crocs only redeeming quality is you don’t have to be exposed to all the horrid feet that you can see when people wear Birkenstocks !

  27. Mandarin Kitten says:

    ugh, i hate crocs in general, they are true shoes from hell
    save me ugg boots save me!!!

  28. jasmine says:

    i have a hellokitty crocs, just bought it last month at crocs robinsons galleria, ortigas philippines. my husband told me that crocs really looks bad even with hk. but because you’re out if you’re not wearing them, he also has a pair of them but not hello kitty of course. we use it everyday in our work.

  29. Nicole says:

    I have a pair of black and ruby Minnie Mouse Mary-Jane Crocs, the ones with the “Mickey Mouse”-shaped holes:D Just recently, I bought one set of those Hello Kitty Jibbitz:D
    Now whenever I look down on my feet with my Crocs on, I’ve got Hello Kitty, Eeyore, SpongeBob and Wall-E staring back at meh!!
    Harharhar, I don’t normally wear my Crocs that often, they were actually a gift from one of my relatives. They’re not that comfortable to wear; always leave this sticky feeling on my feet. But because I’m such a good girl, I still wear ‘em! (thus the reason for my cute Jibbitz).
    But the HK Crocs aren’t very cute sadly; they look a little too tacky. Get the HK Jibbitz though, they’re really awesome!!(:

  30. debs says:

    i love my crocs and i find them comfortable and cool in the summer and ive had mine 2 years now but then they are the official ones not the cheap tacky plastic ones.

  31. Sakurakitty says:

    I just saw new arrivals of HK again, as is rainy season maybe will consider buy one and use it as rain shoes
    or bathroom use to prevent wetness becos is so…. cute , my bathroom is all hello kitty stuffs and complements with it.

  32. Giulia says:

    What is the price of crocs Hello Kitty?

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