Hello Kitty Panty Liners

You have to love (or more appropriately, cringe) at the way the evil feline sells stuff. Take for example Hello Kitty Intimate slim panty liners (not to be confused with other official and non official feminine protection products already being sold with the cat’s face on them) which somehow “truly understands” something or another (apparently “truly understands” isn’t in reference to how horrible we know their catch phrase for this product is). And is it just me, or does the box look like they made these slim panty liners to appear similar to Hello Kitty’s bow? I don’t even want to go there…

Hello Kitty panty liners

Sent in by lovemimi

update: For those who wanted to see a close up of the Hello Kitty panty liner boxes (seriously, why the hell does anyone want to see a close-up of Hello Kitty panty liner boxes???)

hello kitty intimate panty liners

hello kitty panty liners

Sent in by Pinky

hello kitty kotex

Sent in by Allison Dixley

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22 Responses to Hello Kitty Panty Liners

  1. sophie says:

    hmmmmmmm now that is very strange

  2. zero7068 says:

    Mary mother of God make it stop!

  3. Gail says:

    Where does one even buy something like this?

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  5. Sharon says:

    Mind-puzzler for the day: Do the women who buy AND USE these love Hello Kitty or hate her???

  6. Emily says:

    Thats disgusting.
    On that note, at least you get to bleed all over her?
    Or point out that how a woman has no excuse to be a total cow ((As they normally are)) on her period, because she’s going through it with hello kitty.
    theefore, she really doesnt have to share the experience with you.

  7. acton says:

    I do agree commercializing can get out of hand, kind of reminds me of Spaceballs the Movie

    PS your should buy some for your wife, you can tell her to stick Hello Kitty where the sun don’t shine.

  8. Shakespeare_mara says:

    My first two thoughts were:

    1) I don’t want her down there! and
    2) Thank Heaven they’re not Tampons! (shudder)

  9. Shakespeare_mara says:

    @MJH OMGOSH!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! I feel the sudden need to curl up in a corner and rock! That is soooooooooooooooo wrong! I’d ask if her image is stamped all over the tampon like it is all over the pad but I don’t wanna know. (shudder)

    Remind me never to put another “At least it’s not a” statement on here again, someone can probably find it.

  10. danigirl says:


  11. Dymond~Kitty says:

    LOL! Why are these cute to me?!

    **Hey can you show a shot of what the actual liner looks like?

    And why the fuss guys? They are unscented lol!

  12. Stareyes says:

    LOL I like the box

  13. Jenny says:

    LMFAO that is hilarious. xD

  14. KatieChan says:

    I agree that those are pretty disturbing. But as a female I can understand that a young girl just beginning to menstruate might be like the idea, and it might make a scary part of growing up a little more pleasant. That said I would never use them but I imagine that was what the Sanrio was going for when they made them.

  15. yeli says:

    i think fans will keep this rather than use it…XD

  16. Megan says:

    lol they will keep them and store them away and even if they really really need pantyliners and run out of non-hello kitty liners they still wont use the HK liners because…it’s such a collectible item

  17. WSL says:

    It got worse. Creepy worse. On a semi positive note, you get to see blood split.

  18. kailolu says:

    that is sooo sad

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