Hello Kitty Fanatic Significant Other Photo

The worst part of having a Hello Kitty fanatic as a significant other is that they think that taking photos of you with Hello Kitty things is cute. If you are naive enough to indulge this urge of the Hello Kitty fanatic, you end up with photos like this of you holding a Hello Kitty bath mat and awkwardly smiling toward the camera:

Hello Kitty bath mat

Your first major mistake was indulging the Hello Kitty fanatic and taking the photo. Your second major mistake was assuming that this photo was a fun little episode between the two of you. While you thought that this photo was only going to be seen in private, the Hello Kitty fanatic had other ideas and decided to send it to a website like this to try to convince me what a great significant other you are.

The result is that you end up on the Internet holding a Hello Kitty bath mat with an awkward smile on your face for friends, co-workers and the rest of the world to see. It doesn’t take long for you to realize that the “innocent” photo that you took was in reality the confirming fact that you are living in Hello Kitty Hell. I’m sorry to be the one to have to break the news to you…

Sent in by Stephanie who now has to explain to her “sweet hubby” how she ever thought for a split second that sending this photo to me could be a good idea…


Hello Kitty snacks

Sent in by Kay who will also have to explain to her husband how she ever thought for a split second that sending this photo to me could be a good idea…

Hello Kitty plushies

Left in the comments by Re (via wiskerno) saying “My significant other willingly posed with a bunch of hello kitties knowing that it was going on the Internet” who now must be fully regretting any short term gain he got from this stunt as the reality of the Hello Kitty Hell sets in.

Hello Kitty eye mask

Sent in by Eileen who says, “This is an an infamous photo I took of my boyfriend when he wore my hk sleep mask because he was suffering a migraine and the curtains of my bedroom were not dark enough for such a bright day.” — yep, I’m sure that migraine came right back 10x worse when he saw this photo, too…

Hello Kitty pajamas

Sent in by Melanie who says, “My exboyfriend wearing my Hello Kitty pj bottoms… I wonder if this has anything to do with why we broke up?” — it doesn’t help the photo that he also has his hand down his pants…

Hello Kitty boyfriend

Sent in by Laura who says “My boyfriend indulges my hello kitty fanaticism, and i love him all the more for it…” [but probably regrets it terribly now that the Internet knows...]

Hello Kitty bathrobe

Sent in by Nickolena

hello kitty snuggie boyfriend

Sent in by Sevi who says: “Only because he’s drunk and he loves me.” [Why you should never drink beer with a Hello Kitty fanatic]

hello kitty boyfriend beer

Sent in by michelle who says: “One thing my boyfriend loves is a nice cold beer, one thing my boyfriend despises is hello kitty (can’t imagine why, what’s to hate?!) so when I found a way to incorporate the two he wanted nothing more than to kill me. But you know 10 beers later you can get anyone to take a picture…” [one more reason that beer and Hello Kitty fanaticism don't mix]

hello kitty head

Sent in by Cait who says, “This is in the Sanrio store in Mall of America, with a hat that’s meant for a pet. I had to get a photo of it… then put it as his Facebook photo without him knowing :P He didn’t mind it at all, nor does he dislike my fandom.” [how men will deceive themselves (and what stupid things they will do) if they think that it will make the woman like them more....]

hello kitty boyfriend

Sent in by Erin

hello kitty boyfriend in bed

Sent in by lisa who says “This is my boyfriend in H&M’s Hello Kitty pajamas. It’s not cute, but it is perfect…”

hello kitty ear muffs

Left by Kesia on Facebook

hello kitty hoodie

Sent in by taira

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35 Responses to Hello Kitty Fanatic Significant Other Photo

  1. Re says:

    My significant other willingly posed with a bunch of hello kitties. Knowing that it was going on the internet.

  2. Kitty says:

    Sadomasochism has a lot to answer for.

  3. Fia says:

    Hehe OMG!! I don’t think pink is yoru colour!! Why, why did you let her do that to you?;)

  4. Liz says:

    Oooo, is that yam-yam? I LOVE Yam-yam! Every flavor except HK flavor…

  5. Rachel says:

    But Paul looks so sexy holding the bathmat! This is torture that I (his sister) never got to enjoy. Thanks stephie!

  6. Sarah says:

    i actually have the bonjour hello kitty set for my bathroom. I got it at target.

  7. Kelly says:

    Aw you look like such a nice guy.

  8. acton says:

    Ok a Guy holding Hello Kity Stuff, Nothing to get your panties in a wad over.

    I could send you pictures of me in you direction MR HKH.

  9. Nijikokun says:


  10. Sharon says:

    Ugh. It would have been far kinder to post private sex tapes.

    Girls who enjoy torturing their brothers, boyfriends etc. like this truly deserve to be dragged to an entire season including playoffs of whatever sporting event that THEY hate.

  11. Nicola says:

    I have that rug, the towels, the shower curtain, the lotion dispenser… my bathroom looks adorable.

  12. Min says:

    Awww, but it is sweet! :-)

  13. Jody says:

    Yeah, Re, and he looks really thrilled about it.

  14. Liz says:

    Hmmm I live with three evil cats that conspire against me each day. But this….? With Hello Kitty stuff you would be in hell. Great blog you’ve just made me laugh for the rest of the day.LOL

  15. lolita says:

    awww you’re so cute~

  16. Fanboy Wife says:

    Are these photos like the ones kidnappers take with their hostages holding newspapers to prove they’re still alive?

  17. HelloMina---HelloKitty says:

    How cool! ;]

  18. Sarah says:

    Why does the guy in the pajamas have his hand down his pants? D:

  19. Dymond-Kitty says:

    Uh Oh… I have eveything but the HK plush toys! Gotta Love Target lol! But I guess I’m not a real HK fanatic since I don’t have any desire to see my boyfriend pose with or wear any of my HK items. But wait … I think he did eat one of my HK strawberry biscuits lol. They are pretty tasty : ).

  20. flora says:

    ohh those are sooo cute .
    I love hello kitty

  21. lady jicky says:

    You deserve a medal!

  22. Melanie says:

    Well, that’s my bf in the last picture! Well, he’s my ex but I guess not kind of? I don’t know what’s up with us at the moment haha. Anyway, he was staying the night and didn’t have anything to wear and didn’t know that I was taking his picture. ;) Why is his hand in his pants? Because he’s a boy. Actually, he was scratching his leg, so yeah. Funny, funny stuff.

  23. shooteng says:

    cute XD

  24. rachel says:

    i have that hello kitty carpet aand
    the rest of that stuff in
    my bathroooommmm .

  25. The Hello Kitty on the bath mat is wearing a beret!!! LOL! Hello Kitty is cute, but I guess once you live in HKH, then your opinion changes to the opposite! Anyway, I have a Build-A-Bearville blog and Hello Kitty has “claimed” it: new Hello Kitty furniture at Bearville Outfitters (A store whose furniture you have to buy with store credits (For each item you buy in a real-life Build-A-Bear Workshop store, you get ONE credit), so Hello Kitty thinks herself so important that she only offers her items in the finest of BABV stores for the richest of BABV citizens), a Hello Kitty quest where we have to find her HAIR BOWS, and a 35th Anniversary Hello Kitty furry friend!

  26. TEEHEE! says:

    Boy, get your hands out of your pants, gross, and yes, as said by Fia, pink is not your colour, TEEHEE!!!!!!!

  27. Acton says:

    Dam the guy on the bottom picture beat me to the punch.

  28. paw says:

    waw so cute these stuff waaw

  29. jinxiejae says:

    for the love of got some one get him some NFL merch

  30. Sebastien says:

    Not only is Nickolena’s guy wearing a pink robe, he’s also watching “What Not to Wear” (in the background)


  31. Stareyes says:

    Again to funny and thanks for the good laugh

  32. Treloss says:

    Hilarious. But what is up with Laura’s bf sleeping with all those kitties under the hello kitty blanket? Am I the only one seeing the bulge? Kinky

  33. Misaki says:

    Where do they sell the ear muffs? I’ve been searching for them. Thank you in advance.

  34. Marozia says:


  35. Kittiefied says:

    I WISH I could get my boyfriend to indulge in my Hello Kitty obsession! He fuels it plenty, but has come to realize that if he continues to give me Hello Kitty things, I will keep obsessing. He refuses to buy me anymore things that are Hello Kitty other than clothing. My mother has vowed the same.

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