Hello Kitty Mano Erina

If you want to thoroughly traumatize your ears and eyes, while at the same time wasting two minutes of your life, all you have to do is listen to the high pitch, diabetes inducing noise of Mano Erina’s song Love & Peace = Paradise (Hello Kitty version of course). Having people scratch their fingernails on chalkboards would be less painful and much more appealing to the ears. You have been warned:

Sent in by Lillian

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5 Responses to Hello Kitty Mano Erina

  1. candi says:

    well she DID do a tv show about HK stuff theyve gotta promote it somehow XD

  2. jenn says:

    how adorable!

  3. Acton says:

    Just some j-pop

    I dance to it in your direction Mr. HKH

  4. Liz S. says:

    I bet this singer’s songs are really good, we just have trouble seeing it past the HK-ness. Go j-pop! But not HK…

  5. Yuki says:

    Ahh I love Hello!Project <333

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