Hello Kitty Blythe Doll

I never understood the appeal of Blythe dolls. If you have spent even a little time on this blog, you already know I have absolutely no comprehension of what goes on inside the mind of Hello Kitty fanatics. So the combination of the two into a Hello Kitty Blythe doll pretty much defies all reason in my opinion which will mean it will be a huge hit with both Hello Kitty and Blythe fanatics. One more reason to lose hope in the human race ever surviving…

Hello Kitty Blythe Doll

Hello Kitty Blythe

Hello Kitty Blythe doll eyes

Left on Twitter by whereisjeannie (via blythedoll)

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12 Responses to Hello Kitty Blythe Doll

  1. yeli says:

    well…i think its cute…haha XD

  2. Taryn says:

    I want my kid to look like this when I have one<3

  3. ABW says:

    That thing looks like the Japanese version of a Bratz doll 0_o

  4. Lillian says:

    meh. the alice in wonderland blythe is much cuter =3=

  5. Mattie says:

    The eyes, it’s just so… creepy!

  6. Liz S. says:

    I actually kinda like the doll, but not the HK accessories.

  7. Leahler says:

    That’s just creepy I love Hello Kitty but no!

  8. amanda says:

    its cute, but the eyes scare mee

  9. Megan says:

    Looks like Christina Ricci

  10. Sorsha says:

    AHH! Kill It With FIRE!

  11. me says:

    OMG I WANT IT SO BAD GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Someone. I prefer not to say. says:

    O_O… I guess HK has heard of that eviiiil lolita fetish thingy. :P ._.

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