Hello Kitty Snuggie

How do you take a really bad idea like Snuggies and make them even worse? Simple — add the evil feline into the mix and you get a truly horrifying piece of material that is sure to leave you friendless:

Hello Kitty snuggies

Of course, Hello Kitty fanatics have been doing the Hello Kitty snuggie bathrobe mod for years now, as this unfortunate soul shows:

hello kitty snuggie bathrobe

Sent in by marcia (first photo unknown, second photo via Hello Kitty Limited)

Update: Let’s hope this isn’t a growing trend or that people think it is acceptable to wearing these in public:

hello kitty nightclub snuggie

Left by JaniceLlamoca on Twitter

hello kitty snuggie photo

Sent in by Sevi

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30 Responses to Hello Kitty Snuggie

  1. marokitty says:

    omg hahaha….i exactly know where this stall is!!! this is in vegas the outlet mall there, i was supposed to buy one but then!!!! damn i shudve have!!!

  2. tiffany says:

    ohh wow, the first pic was taken at the las vegas premium outlet. i must really hate vegas to know it instantly… i didn’t know they now sells hello kitty snuggie at the lv premium outlet.

  3. better-u-than-me says:

    Sad to think I may actually want one of those.

  4. haeran says:

    it’s not a snuggie, it’s the off-brand, the snuggle! i was almost fooled.

  5. MJH says:

    I wonder what the guy is reading, he looks scared

  6. paige says:

    the WTF blanket evil feline edition

  7. nessa says:

    omg. ive never wanted a snuggie so bad in my life.

  8. Jessica says:

    the guy reading is wearing a robe lol i own the same one hehe

  9. Liz S. says:

    That looks like the ratty pink blanket my little sister uses. (though hers is better because it has monkeys X3 )

  10. Kelli says:

    Oh my gosh! Hello Kitty snuggie! That’s so funny but I would never buy it because I’m not a big Hello Ktty fan. (Nothing against Hello Kitty fans. My best friend one)

  11. Shiromaku says:


  12. SHEENA says:

    Why did you take my hubby’s pic out?

  13. I cannot find one!!! :'( I am just going to have to make my own!

  14. SHEENA says:

    Just use a robe. We do! lol lol lol

  15. kiki says:

    i love it but not on a guy

  16. Ku says:

    Guys.. they are wearing a robe backwards. lol.

  17. SHEENA says:

    The fun never stops! lol lol lol

  18. lenore says:

    Too all of you that had to point out that the guy is wearing a robe, let me ask you this. “Did you figure that out all by yourself or did that amazing thing called a ‘caption’ right above the picture itself help you gain that pearl of wisdom?”

  19. Lantastic says:

    I love how the guy in the very last bottom picture is layed out in his Hello Kitty robe (or whatever it is) and right next to him is a wii game controller ^_^ what guy wears Hello Kitty anything while playing video games?! LMAO FUNNY

  20. mhkitty says:

    I have that robe!!!!
    And the ‘snuggie’ is too pink…it needs to be blue ;)

  21. Harriet says:

    Haha, the third dude has a Wii remote beside him.

    I sit on my bed (with it’s HK blanket and bedspread) and play on my Wii :)

  22. natalie says:

    i want one….

  23. TEEHEE! says:

    Did you see the Wiimote right beside that last guy?

  24. ashley says:

    its is so cute i want one!!

  25. Megan says:

    ew that first guy probably lost a bet

  26. kristina sauchelli says:


  27. ginnie pig says:

    ahh its so cute

  28. Zara says:

    hello kitty kigurumis are cuter <3

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