Hello Kitty Chemical Factory

Was there ever really any doubt that the evil feline has a number of chemical factories across the world? The problem was that these Hello Kitty chemical factories were hidden across various countries in secret locations so they could spew out their mind altering gas (seriously, is there any other logical explanation for Hello Kitty fanatics?) without any protests. The first of these Hello Kitty chemical factories has been found:

hello kitty chemical factory

Sent in by lilly (via elfo streetart – image used with permission)

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6 Responses to Hello Kitty Chemical Factory

  1. Anqel says:

    LmfaoOO that’S funnY lOl

  2. TEEHEE! says:

    Wow, I wonder if some people drank this, and that’s why they love hello kitty?

  3. Sharon says:

    It certainly would explain a lot of things. We lucky folk most likely have a genetic immunity to this POISON.

  4. Laura Katrina says:

    I think it’s only a vandalism

  5. Dark Kitsune says:

    Minor gripe, but…

    *alternating = altering

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