Hello Kitty Brains

What do you get the Hello Kitty fanatic in your life for Valentine’s Day? Apparently, the evil feline knows exactly what her fanatical followers want — to devour her brains:

hello kitty brains

Of course, my wife could care less what this may appear to look like to others. She hears Hello Kitty x chocolate and she wants it without question.

This makes perfect sense. Hello Kitty fanatics are already zombie like in their devotion to the Sanrio character, so them wanting to eat her brains is obvious. Hello Kitty, of course, wants her followers to eat her brains so that they continue to be zombie followers of her quest to take over the world. The worst part is that Hello Kitty gathering her legions of Hello Kitty zombie fanatics to eat her brains on Valentine’s Day to wreak havoc on the world pretty much makes for the best case scenario of what will happen on Valentine’s Day when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Harriet, who should have to spend the rest of the year eating Hello Kitty brains as punishment for helping to guarantee that my Valentine’s Day will likely turn into a Hello Kitty Hellish zombie attack from which I will never be able to escape…

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27 Responses to Hello Kitty Brains

  1. Kitty Addict says:

    But it is cuteeeee!!! I want one too :D

  2. Tina says:

    I have that! It’s actually Hello Kitty EASTER EGGS. I brought mines last year at Target. It comes in packs of three. They are super cute and I’ve given them to friends filled with chocolates.

  3. Stareyes says:

    Too funny

  4. SHEENA says:

    Hello Kitty would not want me to read your blog if I had eaten her brains and was under her control. I still have some control over myself. LMAO. Maybe not!

  5. Kitteh!! says:

    ROFL!! :D

    And I’m seeing Tina’s entry on “Mastermind”:-

    Name – Tina
    Occupation – [doesn't matter]
    Specialist Subject – The B100dy Obvious! ;)

  6. Stefan says:

    But it’s chocolate!!! I want one, too. :-)

  7. Sharon says:

    Hello Kitty has already eaten their brains so it’s only fair for them to eat hers too.

  8. Hertzey says:

    Normal zombie chant:
    “What do we want?”
    “When do we want them?”

    Vegetarian zombie chant:

    HK zombie chant:
    “Sooooooooo Cuuuuuuute”

    Hope you keep out of the HK Sleeping bag!

  9. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    U guys are too much!

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  11. Harriet says:

    Yay, I’m glad you liked this pic.

    I freaked when I saw this article, me and my friend always look at your blog at school in the mornings.

    And if HK’s brains taste like British chocolate (which is full of sugar and lots of other additives) then I’ll eat them.

    And I’ll tell everyone when I eat the egg.

  12. danny says:

    braaaaaaiins!! yummy brains :) this is cool, only in a slightly creepy way, th kitty bit looks awesome!

  13. Min says:

    Hehe, that is hilarious! Someone must have designed that so you would think they would have noticed what it looked like!

  14. TEEHEE! says:


  15. Harriet says:

    I ate the egg today,. and bought about 7 more of these as party favours for my birthday

  16. darlene says:

    OK, I have done the very best I could to keep my New Year resolution to not comment on your idiotic posts, but I can’t take it any longer. Stop trying to deceive people. That is chocolate. It’s not a brain. Everyone can see that and it makes you look like a fool when you say things that aren’t true.

    Hello Kitty is not a zombie and the people that love her are not zombies. How rude of you to talk about the people that love Hello Kitty that way! You constantly take things that are not a big deal and try to make it into one to server your own purpose instead of telling the truth. These lies have to stop!

    Hello Kitty knows that everyone loves chocolate and that is why she gives it. She also knows that the best Valentine any woman could receive is Hello Kitty with chocolate. You seem to be the only one that doesn’t understand this.

  17. Harriet says:

    what should I use the empty head for?

    I was thinking it should just sit up there with all my other HK stuff.

    oh, and I am wearing an HK t-shirt today. and on the shirt she’s holding a sign saying “More Cupcakes More Love.” Seems to be her prophecy.

  18. Kitteh!! says:

    Trinket box? It’s kind of small for a cookie jar I think.

  19. Hertzey says:

    Hey darlene, next time just resolve to not read. Makes everyone’s day so much better.

  20. Harriet says:

    It was marketed as a tirnket box, I was thinking about putting my HK necklace in there.

  21. Snow Queen says:

    You and my ex would’ve got on….he hated my fixation with Kitty!!

  22. priZiya says:

    that is iuuu dulishozz :) haha buuu :P

  23. Jennocide says:

    I have one of these!

  24. H.Kpiano says:

    i have this!!!! got it from tesco! lool!!! :p

  25. osiris says:

    So cute yummy for vday I got tropical hello kitty aand flowers this choc would had made my day

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