Hello Kitty Fetus

Because there is absolutely nothing that the evil feline believes can’t be Hello Kittified, you have things like the Hello Kitty uterus plush, the Hello Kitty bondage room, the Hello Kitty retainer and Hello Kitty motor oil (it’s quite sad that I could go on and on with this list). Suffice to say, Hello Kitty once again shows us that she is willing to make anything in her image to make a buck — including the Hello Kitty fetus:

hello kitty fetus

hello kitty fetus in jar

I’m actually scared to imagine where the people at Sanrio are planning to go from here…

Sent in by Jason Freeny via his facebook page

Update: Apparently, HK fans didn’t think that one Hello Kitty fetus was enough:

hello kitty fetus

Sent in by Lexi

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