Hello Kitty Axl Rose Tattoo

Hello Kitty fans once again prove that there is absolutely no Hello Kitty tattoo combination that they believe shouldn’t be created. Case in point – someone actually thought that a Hello Kitty x Guns N Roses Hello Kitty Axl Rose tattoo would be a good idea:

hello kitty axl rose tattoo

Apparently this tattoo was inked at kat Von D’s high voltage tattoo from LA ink by tattoo artist KHOI (based on artwork by Plasticgod) at a cost of $480 with tip. For some reasone, paying a large amount to have the evil feline permanently afixed to your skin so that you can regret it for the rest of your life seems to be a common trait among Hello Kitty fans…

Sent in by Annie

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9 Responses to Hello Kitty Axl Rose Tattoo

  1. Sabree says:

    Wow that is…unique…wow.

  2. Plasticgod says:


    Saw your post about the hello Kitty tattoo of Axl that I did and first wanted to say thanks! I am also posting a link on my Facebook fan page of your post.

    You may also like to check out these other 50 Hello Kitty Designs I’ve done.

  3. kitteh!! says:

    I’m not having a pop at the tattooist, because the ink is well executed, but I think the combination of HK and Axl Rose fits perfectly. They’re both pop culture icons who’re 20 years past their sell-by dates.

  4. Virginia says:

    two of my favorite things in the world collide…….very cool. :)

  5. Shoegasm says:

    Wow, that one is so not very good. I have a HK geisha with MUCH more detail and was A LOT less than $480!!!

  6. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:


  7. Jessica says:

    Wow and its preety. Huh I wouldnt get that though. Its because I dont like permanent tatoos.

  8. Sam Rio says:

    Hello Kitty now taking the persona of a rocker. Interesting. ..

  9. Johanna says:

    wow, $480. ouch

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