Hello Kitty Fireworks

One would assume that going to a fireworks display would be one of the few places that one would be safe from the claws of the evil feline. Of course, the assumption would be terribly and painfully incorrect. Somewhere, someone decided that creating a Hello Kitty firework would be a good idea (My personal guess is that the person thinking it was a good idea was a Sanrio employee with a one of the many guns in her arsenal pointed at the temple of some poor soul who had to decide between his life and the sanity of the world — and he chose wrong)

Hello Kitty sky 4th of July

Yes, that still shot is a pretty demoralizing statement of where the world has come, but it’s nothing compared to the terror you are going to feel upon seeing these in video:

While an explosion of hot gas that terrifies all those around does do a good job in describing the feelings the cat-with-no-mouth elicits from the vast majority of the human race, seeing it in reality is further proof that there is no escaping her no matter what the event…

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4 Responses to Hello Kitty Fireworks

  1. Gail says:

    Hello Kitty Exploding Head. Yes.

  2. Acton says:

    Ooo shiny new site

    well back to business: It just too cool and probably difficult to get the right burst. . Acton approves of Hello Kitty fireworks in spite and in defiance of Mr. HKH.

  3. ILoveLuckyCharms says:

    OMG—-SQUEEEEEEEEEE!! I wish Disneyland would do these!!!

  4. Hello Kitty fireworks is a transient burst of kitty greatness, like a glittering knights shield of cat across a black sky.

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