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Hello Kitty Hell Emails

Some random Hello Kitty emails that ended up in my mailbox… Dear Mr. HKH, I recently came across your blog on CakeWrecks. At first I was shaking my head, thinking what a poor dear you are, putting up with all the Hello Kitty crap your obviously brainwashed wife brings into your life. And then, as I read more and more of your blog, I got to thinking: What if I were to Hello Kitty Hell my boyfriend’s life? Bring in … Continue reading

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Love Advice

Maybe I’ll soon get my own love column because of my outstanding, well contemplated and accurate love advice to this email that was recently sent to me: Ohayo! Could use your input and suggestions here. I’m living in Japan, and I recently started dating a beautiful young lady. Good times, fun conversation, and blah blah blah. BUT! Last weekend we decided to visit the local Jusco to look for a book that I wanted. Half way to my goal, I … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Wedding Planner

Why, oh why, do people keep sending me emails like this? dear sir, i need your help regarding information on a hello kitty wedding at first going to hello kitty world and getting married by hello kitty was kinda a joke between me and my finance, but as time has progressed we have decided that it would actually be something fun and special for both of us. I have been trying to find out how to get information from sanrio … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Sunday Mail

A few of the emails I have received over the past few weeks: Hello, I must say that when I came along and found your site I felt like a happy schoolgirl on a sunny day! I have been happily married to my high school sweetheart for three years. Unknown to me during the time we were dating I was unaware of my wife’s freakish obsession with Hello Kitty. The nightmare began on our wedding night when we were opening … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Hitler

Hmmmmmmm…an email sent to me tonight: ok, first off, i love your blog. when i first found it i kept reading it until about seven in the morning, i started at nine. i can’t get enough of it and it has awakened me to the hellish nightmare that lives under the white outer coating of that evil cat. i had no idea till now. and the way you write about it is amazing and is probably one of the biggest … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Hell Mother Nightmare

It’s not only the husband’s that suffer in Hello Kitty Hell, it’s also the kids: MY MOTHER’S SICK, SAD ADDICTION Written by: Becky D. (Mary’s 15-year-old daughter) Being the teenage daughter of a Sanrio obsessed 40-something woman is like being controlled by a 4-year-old girl. Ninety percent of everything my mother buys is either pink, a cat with no mouth or some strangely shaped creature with an unpronounceable name. Every time one of those techno-colored packages arrive at our door, … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Sunday Mail

More random mail that has found its way into my email box: I found this job that I think you should apply for: Sanrio Digital is interactive new media company which strives to digitally expand on world famous IP’s such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, Badtz Maru,etc and to generate higher value via the development of digital content, new media, community, and the social web. For more information please visit Web Content Editor Jobs & Responsibilities Responsible for writing … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Sunday Mail

I’ve started to get quite a bit of random email recently, so I’ve decided to start a new theme called “Sunday Mail” where I will be posting what I receive during the week for all your reading pleasure: I love HK (but most of her stuff is ridiculous!!!) and I’m sorry what your wife is putting you through. You’re a strong man! Anyway, I work at a store called Altex where the registers are fully functioning computers. Everyday I come … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Fanatic Fiance Doom

He’s doomed… I too am a fellow sufferer in the depths of hello kitty hell. my fiance is a hello kitty fanatic of the highest caliber. (we are going to honeymoon in Japan, see if you can guess why) I find myself torn between the love of my fiance and my hatred toward hello kitty. I’m a fan of you blog and it has prepared me for life with my own hello kitty fanatic. If I had not had your … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Devoted Boyfriend

Even though I specifically say not to email where to find Hello Kitty items, I still receive emails asking me where to find them. This has lead me to several theories. 1) Hello Kitty fanatics can’t read. 2) Hello Kitty fanatics don’t understand the meaning of the words “I’m not going to tell you.” 3) Hello Kitty fanatics believe that they are more of a Hello Kitty fanatic than every other Hello Kitty fanatic and therefore the rules that apply … Continue reading

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