Pink Room

What Hello Kitty fanatic believes is a beautiful room decor — really nothing more to say…

hello kitty room

Sent in by kittylove

Update: I have no idea why people think it’s a good idea to send me photos of theit Hello Kitty rooms, but apparently they feel the need to do so…

Hello Kitty room

Hello Kitty bedroom

Hello Kitty room shelves

Sent in by anj

hello kitty room

Sent in by lizzziebear [I would be hiding my face too if this was my room]

Hello Kitty pink room

Sent in by Maria BlessednotStressed

157 Responses to Pink Room

  1. Ashley Larios says:

    oh my god! thiis is sooo kool i wish i had everything hello kitty!!!!

  2. Izenhertz says:

    A place where a guy will lose his hard-on and the will to live upon entering.

  3. jillianne says:

    its saw beautiful

  4. cynthia capuchino says:

    i love this room i want to have it like that

  5. #1 hellokitty fan says:

    thanks for being so popular

  6. Lexi says:

    I wish I had the room In Japan that had everything hello kitty

  7. Lexi says:

    I luv hello kitty

  8. diana michelle lacanaria says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool room

  9. design says:

    Thanks for your inspiration. My sister like this

  10. Daria says:

    I am the biggest hello kitty fan ever!!! I even got my mac especially made with hello kitty all over it!!! I lolz the Hello Kitty showcase! Keep showing more pic of rooms!!

    -Daria- :)

  11. hello kitty says:

    i lov hello kitty soooooooooooooooooooooo cool i am 1 fan of hello kitty not yall only me

  12. hello kitty1 says:

    i love hello kitty to much not yall loke me

  13. hello kitty1 says:

    i alredy have a rooom like that but more cute tan yalls suc***

  14. jenette says:

    i will always love hello kitty so much that i love that room good heloo kits good

  15. jenette says:

    hello kitty i am you number fan 111111111 love you hello kitty so much that i criy

  16. MissAnom says:

    I like Hello Kitty (even have a hello kitty samsung phone) And just wow thats sooooooooooo cool

  17. Lucy says:

    Helo kit is like tote lame like 10 yrs agooo

  18. alex says:

    i like hello kitty in my dream and in my heart

  19. septi says:

    Waw… it’s wonderful….

  20. MissAnomagainx2! says:

    Still here and total agreement with all of ya

  21. daniela badong says:

    plsssss!deliver @cavitephillipines super cute !!! :* :|

  22. francine faye de leon says:

    hello kitty my super favorite !!!! :))

  23. mary chris roque says:


  24. Anita says:


  25. hazel says:

    i love kitty forever weeeee….

  26. jeimy says:

    i wish i had hellokitty thing there sooo coooool

  27. ashley mand says:

    i like hello kitty its so cool i wish all of my things was have a hello kitty design

  28. Lauren says:

    Oh My god were did you get that stuff from soooo want a room like that I am doing a power point on helo kitty and so want every thing I see

  29. Maxibon says:

    Oh my goodness… I’s so sorry that your wife puts you through the hello kitty hell… and I’m really praying that she hasn’t tried to make your room look like that! I get the concept of why women like the Hello Kitty character…
    It’s cute, barely says a word and you can find it doing anything that you want…
    How ever… I’m sorry but that is a serious overkill! I’m a woman and I will even admit to liking the color pink (Baring in mind that I have none in my house, wardrobe, car or anywhere else) I would never ever ever do that to a perfectly good room…
    Fanatics are not the word!!! Addicts and socially inept would be a better term…
    I’m sorry but if you can’t see the problem in that pic then you have a serious problem! That is not natural for a grown woman to have a room that looks like that? If you were between the ages of 4 and 10 it would be more tolerable but even then that is still a bit of overkill…
    seriously! Holy moly that’s extreme!!!

  30. mz hello kitty says:

    this is so cool i am so obsessed with hello kitty no homo………… i love all of the rooms but the last one didnt have so much thing to look at

  31. jd ramos says:

    my favorite character hello kitty do u know ask to be a gud friend

  32. chanya says:

    you got all hello kitty things that i want to still and take away from you and you is a hello kitty stiller

  33. amalayer says:

    so you telling amalayer!!!!

  34. Alifa like HK says:

    I liked all of it, yes god …… I really like

  35. trisha nicole maree c. fedillaga says:

    i like the designs of hello kitty rooms!you know my room is full of hello kitty things…

  36. adeline says:

    i like this i love !

  37. kim nicolas says:

    I wish I can be hello kitty collector too :)
    it’s super cute:::: love it :)

  38. nouhaila says:

    is coooooooooooool

    is very cool

  39. moesha says:

    it is cut

  40. hello kitty number 1 fan says:

    oh my goodness i’am a number 1 fan all those other girls tring make u feel good but 4real my room is full with hello kitty

  41. sumer says:

    i love hello kitty and i am so happy that my friend told me about it

  42. Celine says:

    Wow,very nice!

  43. Sam says:

    I’m a little surprised by the post from some woman, bitching that the room is overkill & way too pink & way too Kitty! As someone else said, if that’s your opinion why are you here? Don’t you have a dating-for-desperates site you could be looking at?? Anyone is completely at liberty to decorate their room – their entire house, in fact – in whatever way they damn well choose.

  44. ishita agarwal says:

    Wow i have nothing to say its just awesome

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