Hello Kitty Wine

When I wrote about Hello Kitty Rice Wine (sake) a bit ago, you knew that if they made rice wine, they must make regular Hello Kitty wine. We found it at a local store today and of course my wife needed to get a bottle to display with the sake:

Hello Kitty wine

I learned my lesson from the last experience and submitted to not being able to drink it (which actually is probably a good idea – I’m not sure that drinking Hello Kitty wine is something that anyone should do during their lifetime…even with its hefty $25 a bottle price tag, something tells me it will taste more like syrup than wine. Something like liquid Hello Kitty pop tarts.

It seems like a fitting purchase for Hello Kitty Hell. Something way overpriced that I will have no chance of ever drinking, but then again, probably thankful that I never had the chance to drink it. So I pay $25 for something that I am actually thankful that I can’t ever consume – that is pure Hello Kitty Hell logic.

Update: Apparently Hello Kitty wine has become popular enough to now come in different varieties – of course, I still can’t consume any of them…

Hello Kitty wine

And (unfortunately) the varieties keep coming:

hello kitty wines

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Stephen Colbert weighs in on Hello Kitty wine:

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24 Responses to Hello Kitty Wine

  1. I want to come to your house so badly!
    I love that the wife has you so whipped that you are pissed off about all this Kitty Chan. When I go to Japan I actually don’t buy as many HK things, I tend to get those cloth Maneki Neko cat things. Don’t tell the wife b/c then she’ll have a double obsesssion!

  2. carly says:

    I want, I want, i must have hello kitty wine, where is it…
    It looks cute, ypu dont know how it feels, i need it….

  3. Kim says:

    Oh my god, is there anywhere I can buy it over the net?

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  5. Georgeanna says:

    i can see a girl drinking that at dinner but if i ever see a guy then i KNOW he must allready must be drunk or gay one or the other

    (maybe both)


  6. Nico says:

    Probably sweetened with “pure happiness.”

  7. sickofhellokitty says:

    That’s hardly a hefty price.

  8. Jean says:

    oh oh! you have yet to mention the 1998 Camus Bordeaux Superieur! Actual france produce! 2 bottles of 350ml sold at slightly more than 9,000 yen. My one and only hello kitty collection LOL! I could email a pic if you wanna show ur wifey! :D

  9. cosmicloud99 says:

    ooooo…. wine and hello kitty…. mmmmm…

  10. Mari says:

    The cuteness of kitty with the warm fuzzy feeling of alcohol. YUM
    The perfect combination.

  11. charrlie says:

    I want Hello Kitty wine! Where Can I buy some? Plus the picture of Hello Kitty is just so cute. I want I want where can I find?

  12. Danielle French says:

    who wants to get tipsy?????????????????

  13. NYLA says:


  14. mort says:

    sorry to ruin you moment, but im afraid thats just beaujolais nouveau with a hello kitty label. the wine isn’t made by sanrio.

  15. the other carly says:


  16. Dymond~Kitty says:

    Awwwwww I want sum : )

  17. yeli says:

    the bottle is for keeps…but the wine is not! XD

  18. Acton says:

    You need to show your wife this site.
    Please do partake, Hello Kitty will be in you forever.

  19. BK says:

    I do believe I took that pic of the wine! I got those at SWAM WINE in Hawaii and the wine is YUMMY!

    I think I need to send you my vid of my Hello Kitty Bling!

  20. ashlee says:

    omg i told my hubby i want this for my 21 bday party! he thought i was making it up til i sent the link to his cell! <3

  21. cherryxhime says:

    My birthday is next week. I know what I’m getting.

  22. Toxy says:

    I want it but I don’t get why she just doesn’t drink it and refill it with water. > .>

    Keep the bottle, drink the wine.

  23. Kristine says:

    I think this would be a perfect drink to celebrate giving birth to twins in a couple of weeks!

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