Hello Kitty Car

You know there is something wrong when you start getting emails from people wondering when you are going to update Hello Kitty Hell. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if the people wanting the update were those that disliked Hello Kitty, but these are Hello Kitty fans. I will state right now that if you are getting withdrawal symptoms because you aren’t getting enough updates from a blog named Hello Kitty Hell, you’re way too into Hello Kitty. Do a favor to yourself (and your partner) and seek help right away…I suggest a 10 step Hello Kitty anonymous program.

You also know there is something seriously wrong when you have over 50 emails of Hello Kitty photos sitting in your email from people that think you need to see more Hello Kitty items. My email inbox is beginning to resemble my house. This is definitely not a good thing.

Take, for example, this Hello Kitty car:

Hello Kitty car

Hello Kitty car inside

Hello Kitty car doors

My only saving grace at this point is that my wife feels that this Hello Kitty car is “too small” – that’s not to say she doesn’t want a fully decked out Hello Kitty car, she just wants a BIG one (which she is slowly doing to our current car…). The problem, of course, is that at some point I know I’m going to hear that we need a second car and this will certainly be in the running. There really should be some universal law that Hello Kitty and cars are not allowed to mix…

Thanks gemma (I think) for the link to carview

Update: Was there ever any doubt that these would be more?

hello kitty car pink

Sent in by Jenny O.

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41 Responses to Hello Kitty Car

  1. ~Dawn says:

    That just made me sick-ish… I got dizzy and my stomach started doing flips (not the good kind) and I now have a headache!

  2. Amaranthim says:

    Ditto to Dawn – I’m not a fan of the Kitty but even fans would agree – I hope – that that was overkill! Yuck – but the car itself is cool in a different color or theme – like a car theme.

    Also, just so you know, Oh Denizen of Hello Kitty Hell, I had been missing the updates too. Not for the Kitten factor, but for your poigniant and sickly amusing suffering. I have discovered something evil about myself – vicarious enjoyment of another’s pain.

    Keep up the good work… ;)

  3. Emily says:

    it’s a beautiful car but im almost positive that they only made one to auction off so i dont think you have to worry about your wife wanting to buy it.

  4. patty says:

    well i have to say..its so wacky i NEED one..tee hee…

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  6. Jamaica says:

    okay no kidding I would totally drive this car, but alas they do not sell them in the states, I want to do this to the car I have now. It seems like it would only be good for one person, it’s way too small. the only thing it’s missing are the hello kitty rims that I saw on another posting of yours

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  8. Kristina says:


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  10. Claudia says:

    OMG!!! love it. I wish I could win this.

  11. Kara says:

    I will get this when I can drive! It’s so me!!! I NEED this and it is ADORABLE! (It also says princess on it, it soooo knows me!)

  12. famous barbie says:

    omg i love hello kitty ^_~

  13. Jessica says:

    Get one less weird shaped, and done up in pink on black base paint, and I’m in. Although, I’m sure “But officer, you radared the wrong car” isn’t going to fly when I’m the only Hello Kitty coupe on all of I-691

  14. sara says:

    omg… this pic bought a tear to my eye!!
    although this car is that pink and hellokittyfied it looks really tacky,
    my heart cant help but to beat at an unusually dangerous speed!!…
    i think that if i dont get this car… i wont beable to drive my own ever agen as the envy of this 1 will ultimately make hate my own!!!
    i love this car i want this car i NEED this car… take pitty on a poor student and some1 offer toi buy me this car!! hehe

    i can just imagine my boyfriends face wen i pull up putside his house in this!! he is alreay horribly embarressed by my pimped out hello kitty car already but mine is just a spec of dust compared to this beaut!!!


  15. Emily Lou says:

    I love it! Where can I buy it?

  16. wow im crying right now i just have to have it im so happy i saw this

  17. lauren says:

    I love love love this car i wish i can have it..hahaha my cousins would be mad..

  18. Yone says:

    This is my dream car !!!!!! I dare to dream

  19. markita says:

    im getting this when i turn 16 im hello kitty biggest fan

  20. Anna says:


  21. Alicia says:

    *vomits* Oh my God. I like Hello Kitty on a sane level, but things just seem too go way, way too far.

  22. Cyn says:

    Ok I like the color, I’m not too crazy about the Princess Kitty writting though, just a bow on the door is fine for me.

    What I ABSOLUTELY and truely HATE about it is the upholstery…yuck yuck yuck yuck ewwwwwww!

    HAs Hello Kitty vomited in there or what? And since when a tan leather interior has gone out of style? Surely the car is expensive enough so they could have put leather in there?????

  23. tina says:

    okayy babess something is oviously wrong with you guys cuase that car is my dream car okayy u might call me crazy but honestly coming from a pro that is NOT over-kill ok ur over-kill for hatein on hello kitty mkay

    tina loves you!!!

  24. b says:

    where can i buy and how and how much and is it gas efficient it looks gas efficient I LOVE IT :D

  25. emma hugswell says:

    i love hellokitty .where do you get thiscar ive just passed my driving licence x x x

  26. Suzy Suziko says:

    This is just totally darling!

    “Take, for example, this Hello Kitty car” ?

    I will !! Well, except my husband thinks like you do. :(
    It will not cost near as much as the Hello Kitty Ferrari, so that is no objection there. Maybe they start mass-producing this.

    But over time he will get used to the idea. (as you might to) .. old saying “if you can’t beat them join them”.

  27. Ladybuguboo says:

    Dear Holly Life….. I never thought i would say this, and i kind of die inside as i do but…. 0_0 I want it!!!!!!!!! The other cars were ugly. but this…. but this…. is still ugly, but in a so-cute-i’m-going-to-be-sick way….. I want it.

  28. hellokitty fan says:

    i abbosulty love this car i want it i need it !!!!
    even though i cant drive i want it!!!!!!
    where can youi get this amazing car!!!!
    and btw for all u people who say you dont like it or its ugly
    there must be something wrong with your eyesights no offence !!!!!


  29. blobby blob says:

    u should of made it a mini cooper cos it is crap

  30. Keiko says:

    You have to buy it online and ship it from Japan it is a little over 18k to buy. There is only 1 and 18k is only the starting price.

  31. maria says:

    omg omg my friend has a a car just like that but she put the disign on herself

  32. KANAREEYA says:


  33. laura ordidge says:

    hello kitty i so love you your car is fab!! i am having a hello kitty party and my birthday is march the sixteen and i am going to be a 11.i wish you was really xxx

  34. Trista says:

    I don’t even like hello kitty but i got to say..this car is kinda cute..

  35. Lyssa says:

    Oh my gaaaaawwwwdd! This is soo cute! I freaking love hello kitty, but yeah, it’s a little much. I would drive it if it was a 350zx, hehehehe…

  36. laura says:

    im a hello kitty fan i really love your car if theres a person doesnt like your there is something wrong then nofensex

  37. vivianne says:

    how mch does it cost?hello kitty carpaint,my daughter loves it!

  38. Byrdie says:

    I like the color of the second one, but the outside detailing of the first one. Yes, I’m picky.

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