Hello Kitty Heels

I thought that my torture with Hello Kitty shoes was going to be limited to the Hello Kitty Converse High Tops and casual clothes, but of course I underestimated the lengths to which Hello Kitty would go to in order to increase my Hello Kitty Hell. Yesterday, I was informed that my wife had ordered Hello Kitty heels:

Hello Kitty heels

While the shoes themselves scare me to no end, the thought of when and what outfit she will actually wear these with is even more frightening to me…

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  1. kim says:

    THOSE are ADORABLE!!! I could totally find something to wear with those!!!

  2. random kt freak says:

    yeah.. hello kt has invaded every aspect of life – if a hello kt version of an item doesnt exist now, its only a matter of time

    its manifestation in haute culture has being going on for quite some time – take these designer hello kt jewelery for example:


  3. random kt freak says:

    LOL – speaking of invasion – theres even a joint hello kt and space invaders mascot set

  4. Mime Jr. says:

    Those are really kinda ugly :x.

  5. equinox says:

    The shoes make the outfit so it doesn’t matter what you wear.

    What’s the answer from the previous post?

  6. Carrie says:

    you have GOT to let me know how to get a pair of those! Would you mind?????

  7. Leemy says:

    Hello kitty man, you have to see this…Is this what your house looks like? If it doesn’t, just be glad this isn’t your house…or is it?????

  8. Mz. STR8 HK says:


  9. welcome to my Hello Kitty Hell – it aint going to happen

  10. Paula says:

    LOL Brazilian shoes!
    I have one… so cute ownnn

  11. Pedro says:

    Congratulations! I’ve seen the comments here, as well as those in the “Converse High Tops” topic, and I’m glad to see how you tort… sorry, how you HELP those poor HK addicts. Someone has to do something to stop the plague. Keep up the good work!

    Unfortunately, that won’t work for me anymore in this particular issue. My wife have already got her HK heels. Fortunately, she doesn’t have (yet) the outfit to match (besides the HK purse, of course) :(

  12. Peterjon S. says:

    the one thing that your are forgetting is that when women get dress they have to match and if that anything like my mom the will buy and outfit just to match a pair of shoes do i would like to see what dress she is going to buy to match those shoes.

  13. moi_même says:

    well, the shoes are allright, I guess… One can only see the kitties if one’s close enough, so… :-|
    Damn, and I thought I loved Hello Kitty. I’m such an amateur (thank god for that too)!

    Thank you for keeping this site, man. I’ll show it to my boyfriend so he knows he has nothing to complain about after all. :-D

  14. Suzanne says:

    I know we can’t ask where she got her stuff but can I ask how much they were?

  15. Bel says:

    Those are brazilian shoes! lol

    i got a pair myself, they’re lovely and fit with every outfit i wear.

    my bf also fails to understand the kitty mania, but hey, you guys are men!


  16. Princess_kitty says:

    Those shoes are so beautifull ! I want to buy them ! please, please, tell me where I can get them ;-)
    I love your website ^_^

  17. Samn Dork says:

    Without Hello Kitty those shoes are lovely…

    The peach HK ones (bottom middle) make me wanna cry =\

  18. Julie says:

    I also think those shoes are supercute! Please tell me how to get them! :)

  19. pamela says:

    were can i get those heels? please please do tell!!!

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  21. Dalvinha says:

    Yep, think they were first launched in Brazil, my country :o)
    They are Melissas, by Grendene.

  22. erica says:

    where do you get those heels…. they are soo cute could you email me where to get them

  23. I can’t wait to tell my favorite gentlemens club Asian girl dancers about these!

  24. angelique says:

    omg i love this and i buy the 4th one!!

  25. Nara says:

    I have blak, is beautifull.
    I’m from Brazil, + – U$ 65,00

  26. Hope-Elaine Ramos says:


  27. HELENA says:

    Where can i get these heels!!
    can they be shipped to ireland!!!!

  28. Where can i get these heels!!
    can they be shipped to ireland!!!!

    It aint going to happen. Welcome to my Hello Kitty Hell…

  29. M.E. says:

    I know I’m a little late to the game here, but I had to comment on this post. Looking at the pictures, I can’t see The Cat image on the solid-color pumps – where is it?

    (I ask because I’m sort of perpetually searching for a good pair of black ankle-strap heels … and if I can get them without The Cat, it might be worth tracking these down – the shape looks like it would be really flattering.)

  30. freya says:

    i totalu like those shoes!! i would like to have them but i can’t find the price!! i would really waer them a loot!

  31. Emilene says:

    I have hello kitty flip flops

  32. TRINA says:


  33. xareni says:

    i need those shoes!!!!tell me where i can shop them…please……

  34. june says:

    please tell where to get this shoes pleaseeeeeeeee

  35. jade says:

    okay im back! where are these?? i need them. really bad. i love them with the world!!!!! where are they??

  36. Sara says:

    these HK heels are adoorable where can I get them frooooom plzz if u have the web adress SEND IT TO ME wooow

  37. Anna Dame says:

    PLz mr can u plz tell me where u got those shoes i mean i dont like hello kitty a lot but i would like to wear those shoes for my graduation they would really stick out so plz plz plz i know u said dont ask but plz make exception…

  38. kittyhatesyou says:



  39. kAnDii says:

    ouuu weee!! when they makin it to the U.S??

  40. Catherine says:

    They are cheesy….

  41. Domenique says:

    can you PLEEEAAASSSSEEEEE tell me where i can get shoes like this?

    i WANT them!!

  42. Cindy says:

    I wish I could find these shoes!

  43. casy says:

    howmuchdo those beautiescost

  44. Ladybuguboo says:

    Love shoes, love hello kitty, DON’T love those. eww. The shape is questionable at best.

  45. amanda says:

    where do i find them?

  46. Melissa says:

    I like hello kitty but these are fugly! I don’t like the Mary Jane design of these shoes.

  47. osiris says:

    Their so cute

  48. Jodie says:

    Wow those suckers are ugly.

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