Hello Kitty Banana Cover

The thing about Hello Kitty Hell is that it will never end. Any normal person would assume that Hello Kitty would eventually run out of new things to stamp her little face on, but that is not how Hello Kitty works. When it becomes difficult to find items that haven’t already been Hello Kittified, there is a simple answer: invent new ones.

Hello Kitty banana cover

WTF?!? A Hello Kitty banana cover? Don’t bananas already come with their own naturally produced covers? That is how any normal person should react upon seeing this Hello Kitty product. Not my wife. “That is soooooo cute. We need some,” was her reaction in typical Hello Kitty Hell fashion.

Having lived in Hello Kitty Hell for a number of years, I have seen my share of completely useless Hello Kitty products. I have to say the Hello Kitty banana cover has to rank not only near the top of totally useless Hello Kitty products invented, but of all products ever invented. That being said, I have no doubt that the Hello Kitty apple and orange covers are already in the works…

Update: You really thought the evil feline could stop at one Hello Kitty banana cover?

hello kitty banana case

Sent in by leslie

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50 Responses to Hello Kitty Banana Cover

  1. Hello Kitty Sarah says:

    Maybe they’ll blacken slower? Then it’ll take longer for your wife to stamp Hello Kitty on your Banana Bread!

  2. Mackenize says:

    OMG! That is so cute!! where can I get that?? My boyfriend even thought it was cute!!

  3. nevun says:

    Unfortunately the banana cover is not a kitty invention, it has been around in shops for a couple of years. Never seen one use them though..

  4. anna says:

    Maybe they could also make Hello Kitty grave covers? To pack your grapes for lunch, you could pack them in individual HK covers … :)

  5. Leemy says:

    Awww, that is cute as hell.

  6. Equinox says:

    When I buy bananas they go brown right away. If this would make them last longer, I would buy it.

  7. Maybe it keeps the ‘naners from getting crushed in Little Becky’s lunchbox.

  8. Angi says:

    We also have banana boxes made from plastic in Germany… there is a TV show called “Besser essen” (eat better), and the children in the show always get such a box ;) (but of course without hello kitty on it.)

  9. Raven says:

    Somehow this gets me wondering if they’ll ever get to making a Hello Kitty sheath XD

  10. es says:

    i know how you hate readers to send you thing, but you mentioned your wife was trying to hello kitty hellify your car .. well, be on the lookout for THIS:


    also, another useless item an hk breathtester!

    if you scroll down to the comments, at least you will find people who are sympathetic to your hatred of all things hello kitty :)

  11. eamon says:

    I hope they extend the range to include covers for lettuce leafs !!!

  12. JC says:

    Don’t know where you come from, but around here, bananas bruise easily, and anything that will keep it from turning into mush between my house and lunchtime at work would be useful. The HK I can’t speak for, but it is not THE dumbest invention ever.

  13. Sean says:


    Your boyfriend did not think it was cute. Your boyfriend wants to get laid.

  14. dirtyrottenkitty is right. Banana cases are right handy for kids like mine who wedge their lunchboxes (fabric) into their backpacks and throw them into the car.

  15. WOW. A purse for your banana. Now I’ve seen it all… No, wait. There are a few more entries that I haven’t read yet…..

  16. Half Activist says:

    I guess this is useful and have already seen some here in France.
    My wife is a teacher and I recall her telling me some kid (3-4yo) has crushed his banana so that when she opened it, it was totally mashed, and defintly not eatable as is.

  17. rakkon says:

    WHERE can I get one?????????

  18. Jason says:

    ‘Banana cover?” Whatever happened to the word “condom?”

  19. Dice_Vice says:

    That is very cute.. in a strange way.. that I love.. as long as it isn’t rude.. where can I buy this -crap- that I’ll end up showing off to my friends?

  20. WHERE can I get one?????????

    Welcome to my Hello Kitty Hell

  21. hellokittyloveR says:

    why would someone honestly need that?

  22. L says:

    i guess we must have something to keep those unsightly bananas from lying around the house. :)

  23. McPoop says:

    Actually, banana covers are big players amongst cyclists. After churning out 20+ miles on the bike, it sucks to find that your tasty, tropical snack is nothing but mush.

    (BTW- my nine-year-old daughter has taken to drawing all things in HK fashion, so I’m being dragged into my own HKH!)

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  25. Vlcatko says:

    I can see why men and women could detest HK banana case, but I don’t really know why should this great invention be the top of useless products – I love my bananas spotless – even the smallest nick on their flesh from being squished somewhere and I won’t eat it even if I was starving – too yucky ;)

    And as a added bonus, it is true that bananas get ripe slower in these – and I don’t like ripe bananas ;P

    So there :D

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  27. Jackie says:

    I think it’s cute! Besides, you don’t have to put bananas in it. You could put, oh, I don’t know, pencils?

  28. mimi says:

    Hello Kitty banana cover… sounds more like a cover for their newly re-released “shoulder” massager…. if you’re going to get the vibe you need a kitty cover to put it in :P

  29. wow i might have bananas everyday thanks for displaying this

  30. Liz says:

    ummmm okay, my mind’s in the gutter but i see that and think “there’s something else i can store in that thing!”

    too bad the Hello Kitty “shoulder massager” is rigid…. ;-)

    i do like Hello Kitty but sometimes i’m happy stuff like that never makes it to the US market.

    (btw: if you ever go to Orlando, FL keep your wife away from the Mall at Millenia, there’s a store there she might go nuts over ;-D)

  31. jess says:

    i agree.
    what the hell.
    banana covers?

  32. jayna says:

    i love hello kitty but why banana covers don’t banana’s already come with their own peel or whatever it is called so i idk whatever. g2g peace out

  33. Deborah says:

    Okay, I just gotta say, your “natural banana cover” editorial comment effin PWNS!! X-D

    If someone could gather up this useless crap, buy a big house (or store building) and make a museum, they’d be rollin in it!!

    Sanario would have to pay them royalties for giving HK-fanatics more shopping ideas! ;-)

  34. not yellow says:

    maybe a hello kitty coffin would be good >__>

    insane ppl
    just eat the banana..you don’t need to put it a cover.

  35. liah says:

    uhh why would i want my banana to look pretty, im gonna eat it anyways.

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  37. Xupz says:

    and just wait till you get hello kitty pasta comb!

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  39. rommy says:

    this is disturbing
    but i find it amusing
    i’d definitely buy it
    :D maybe to amuse visits
    i love amusing visits with my stuff

  40. stephanie n says:

    Personally, i love Hello Kitty, but this is definitely pushing it.

    As for apple covers, i already have them (but they arent even hello kitty, not even pink)

    I just hate it when apples are all dented.


  41. shocked person says:

    This is so idiotic. I mean, even if you put your lovely bananas in them to prevent squashed-ness, that cover doesn’t even look hard enough to protect a banana. All you’ll get is a banana covered in teeny tiny little fibre bits which is probably bruised anyways.

    Hello Kitty Hell, your blog rocks(:

  42. Chelsea Carter says:

    Ummm wow:(

  43. RN says:

    Here in Brooklyn we usually get green bananas that need ripening. In my house Bananas disappear if you wait too long. I have lost out on many bananas due to this.

  44. Nicole says:

    I laughed so hard I nearly coughed up my spleen. A banana cover. Only in Japan.

    It looks so… saucy.

  45. Emily says:

    I saw one of those, it was sold on ebay as a “pencilcase” not a banana cover.

  46. Palin2012 says:

    All of you jerks who trash this item are wrong. This item is the BEST. If you have a banana once in a while for lunch this cover protects the fruit from bruising – – which is probably a foreign concept to you obese losers who live on chess doddles and fruit loops. Long Live Hello Kitty.

  47. TC says:

    RAVEN: I am afraid they already have, you can see them here: http://www.kittyhell.com/2007/11/12/hello-kitty-condoms/

  48. angela says:

    i’m not surprised some one calling themselves palin2012 can’t spell cheese or doodles and supports the world domination of the evil feline ;)

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