Hello Kitty Pullip

It really doesn’t matter if my wife has any idea what the thing is, if it has Hello kitty on it, then she has to have it. Thus when she saw the Hello Kitty Pullip figure, she wanted it right away:

Hello Kitty Pullip

I took one look at the style and it immediately reminded me of the Hello Kitty cat fashion which is always a bad sign. Knowing how Hello Kitty Hell works, it won’t be long before everything, including me, is fitted with a Hello Kitty head like this.

My wife thinks it’s the cutest thing ever and that it would make an excellent Halloween costume: “We can get one of Hello Kitty and one of Dear Daniel and go out as a pair. It will be so lovely.” Not exactly the words I would use to describe that image, but the scariest part (and the sure sign I am living in Hello Kitty Hell) was in that split second moment, when the words “Dear Daniel” left her lips, I was actually relieved. I know, I know, it’s the difference between being roasted alive over a open fire “slowly” and being roasted over a fire at a “snail-like” pace — both painful beyond belief with no noticeable different to the observer, but at that moment I actually thought she was going to say I had to be Hello Kitty, too. Now how utterly pathetic is that?

Thanks to kaoko for the image. She should have to wear one of these Hello kitty hoods around at all times…

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21 Responses to Hello Kitty Pullip

  1. TechSupport says:

    It looks like it’s eating her head.

  2. brien says:

    … or puking it back out.

  3. SpawnOfAzazel says:

    I should have guessed that Hello Kitty would regurgitate a hairball that looks like this. Does “pullip” mean “cat vomit face”?

  4. Alfred says:

    BEAUTIFUL! I must get one ASAP!

  5. Ringo says:

    Sooooooo kiut!!!!

  6. starcat says:

    Weird. But cute! Not as bad as putting it on a dog, at least.

  7. shutterbug74 says:

    I think it’s cute. I collect Blythe dolls and I would love to get this one!

  8. Renate says:

    Where can you buy this

  9. As I keep saying again and again it aint going to happen: welcome to my Hello Kitty Hell.

  10. Kara says:

    I NEED to have this! I WANT it! It’s ADORABLE!

  11. starcat says:

    You know, it comes out this week…October 18. ;)

  12. Cathy says:

    I love hello kitty, I love resin dolls, yhis doll was made with me in mind. I NEED it.

  13. Kara says:

    I don’t know where to buy it ’cause I’ve never seen these dolls before. And I bet it costs a lot, too.

  14. starcat says:

    http://www.pullipstyle.com has it for $110 plus shipping. :) She’s a darling, though IMO she looks better WITHOUT the hat.

  15. Jessica says:

    It looks like HK is EATING HER HEAD!!! ROFLMAO!!

  16. Kara says:

    I can’t afford that!!! Why are they so pricey?!

  17. i had mi mommy buy me this hello kitty thing n i have no freakin idea what it is so i just use it for all of mi jewelry so i wouldnt mind getting this

  18. kara says:

    finally when i can pay for it my daddy wot let me buy it cause if anythings wrong with it, the company wont take responsibility for the breaks in it the little cheap-oes!!!!!!! so, dont waste thousands of $s on them at those websites.

  19. Ki Ki says:

    OMG now this is a [[hott]] mess u don’t
    c things like this in the united states!

  20. marilysekitty says:

    Oh, let your damn wife have her fun.
    I actually found your site through a google search for this very hello kitty doll. I plan on making the hat this cute little doll is wearing.
    Thanks for the help!!!
    I don’t know why you adults have to be so uptight. Why don’t you go rant about something worth people’s time.

  21. Amber says:

    Uhhhh… Ok That Is Kinda Wierd

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